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The Orzhov Syndicate: Phantasmal Extravagance

Commander / EDH Aristocrats Theme/Gimmick Vorthos WB (Orzhov)


Resentment vs Repentance

"So much wealth. So much splendor. So much temptation to believe the gilded lie." -Kaya

Orzhova, the Church of Deals, promises salvation for a price. It is within these gilded chapels that profit and penance mingle. The Orzhov Syndicate rewards the covetous, and its ranks are filled with racketeers and priests in equal measure. So boundless is the wealth of Orzhov that it has a monopoly on the very afterlife- and those in debt in the guild must pay it off even past death. Their new sovereign, Kaya , doesn't allow past crimes to be buried and enacts swift justice to living and dead alike. For the highest echelon of the Orzhov Syndicate, only wealth is holy.

Those who are particularly shrewd know that the complex network of Orzhov runs far deeper than Kaya. Positioned at the fulcrum of the Syndicate is Teysa , who has spent her life being a maven of business and liaising between the living population of Ravnica and an ageless oligarchy of ghosts whom once controlled the guild. With a master of stratagem at its helm and with endless wealth and spirits at its disposal, the Orzhov Syndicate promises to deliver a splendid and sanctified justice of its own.

A Duel commander deck meant to be played against my Gruul deck


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