Felicitations Malefactors! Welcome to the world of Random Commander. The premise is you use the "random Card' function on GATHERER until you hit a commander legal Legendary creature and then make a deck around it. A few additions that I'm adding is, i do the same thing but I 'roll' on gatherer until I get 5 commander legal cards within the color identity of the commander, and I MUST use them in the deck. Another stipulation I've given myself is NO INFINITE COMBOS (unless I suppose the 5 random cards happen to have an infinite combo). I that this wasa fun idea and this is the first deck I'm making for it. I'd love to see other people try this and see what they get! :)

Commander: Chisei, heart of oceans

5 random cards: leyline phantom, misthollow griffin, sandbar crocodile, clockwork beast, wayfarer's bauble

Figured I would try to theme to the commander instead of going complete control (even thought i's pretty controlley). Cumulative upkeeps/eon hub baby. another theme of milling myself/other people out. also donate with some recursion for shenanigans. also a theme for snow-permanents cause why not?


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