One day I just lazing around, there was a ragged elderly gentlemen approached me and told wanted me to listen to his story. I thought thought to myself "I'm not doing much, may as well listen to what he has to say". So the man goes on, telling me about how he has been working for ends meat most of his life and just barely getting by, going from job to job until he had eventually wound up as a coinsmith. However after working that job after many years, he was still barely scraping by, even though it was better than how it used to be. As the elderly gentlemen went on, his tale turned darker. He began to tell me about how he found out that the coins he was producing was used for war profiteering, and other malicious deeds. After this, he held out a small bag then proceeded to open it. I took a look inside and there were the coins he was talking about right in front of me. The man looks me in the eyes and says, "On my last day of the job I told myself after finding out the truth of what the coins were for, I ended up sneaking some away, then hid them until now. Even though I only manage to scrounge up around a hundred of these coins, I wanted to at least do some right." The man then held out the bag and placed it into my hand. He grinned, then vanished.


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