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Trying to build a energy counter commander for use at my casual games. While we arnt super competitive i would still like this to be a viable deck i can use to win.

The main strategy would be for me to use my commander for the card advantage, I.E. draw and lands.

The main idea is for this deck to ramp up my creatures. While secondarily producing tokens.

Since im trying to use proliferate to boost my counter productivity. I added in cards that use counters like titan forge, astral cornucopia, orachi hatchling, ever flowing chalice and sage of hours. I also added in some toxic effects to add to the number of counters i can add onto something.

Any advice or suggestions on how to improve this is happily welcomed. But please keep in mind, Im trying to keep this deck as budget as possible with only a few high cost cards.

Also land suggestions would be incredibly useful. I have alot of enter the battlefield tap effects, granted im hoping to make use of my commanders effect to get them onto the field while playing regular lands.


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