Highspire Infusion

Highspire Infusion


Target creature +3/+3 until end of turn. You get (two energy counters).

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt (AER) Common

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pioneer Legal
Legacy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Limited Legal

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Highspire Infusion Discussion

BS-T on Population of Growth

2 years ago

There's a couple of underwhelming creatures in there is my first thought; namely Ninth Bridge Patrol, Countless Gears Renegade and Kujar Seedsculptor. Not to add too many more into the Maybe list - but I think Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter and Mentor of the Meek are worth considering.

An easy upgrade to Feat of Resistance or Ornamental Courage would be Heroic Intervention to catch your whole team. Righteous Charge could be improved upon - Collective Effort maybe. Similarly, you could switch Highspire Infusion for something with a bit more reach. The 'strive' cards are mana intensive, maybe someone's got better suggestions but... Solidarity of Heroes, Colossal Heroics, Nature's Panoply.

I know you are over on cards at the mo anyway but there's a large proportion of lands so if you're aiming at a similar ratio you'll want something to make use of that (Savage Conception?)... or just drop it down a bit... or add more card draw to get to your gas/impact cards.

Also, the 'fog's seem a bit unnecessary?

I feel like I've caused more questions than answers for you haha! Sorry :)

djnewellmit on Re-growing Pummeler

2 years ago

I like the idea of Tetsuko. Unfortunately she's a non-bo with all the pump spells other than Blossoming Defense and Rhonas's ability (Larger Than Life, Cartouche of Knowledge, Hadana's Climb  Flip). I think it would be possible to re-build around her, using Highspire Infusion as a possible replacement for Larger that can be played after blockers are declared. Or go UR to have Invigorated Rampage to use after blockers.

davcot on

2 years ago

Cartouche of Strength makes the pummeler so insane ! I recommand adding some Highspire Infusion to add more energy counters in case you can't cast 2 felidar guardians (or to replace them if you want your deck to be standard legal).

I often manage to make my pummeler a 32/32 trample by turn 4 by using a larger than life and a highspire infusion and 6 energy counters.

QuantumSkies on The aether is strong with this one (budget energy)

2 years ago

I would first hone in on a theme (probably creature beatdown) and not have a Electrostatic Pummeler, Aetherworks Marvel, and creature beatdown mix. I would do that by removing Electrostatic Pummeler and definitely Aetherworks Marvel to bring the good cards (possibly Bristling Hydra, Walking Ballista, or Jadelight Ranger) to 4 copies. I would, at least, put Aetherstorm Roc down to 2 and not have 4 of both Highspire Infusion and Larger Than Life because you need established board presence (which is not always a guarantee) for them to not be dead cards. As for lands, Scattered Groves, Sunpetal Grove, Shefet Dunes, and maybe even Arch of Orazca are viable. Verdurous Gearhulk and especially Angel of Invention are really good in this deck, as opposed to the hard-to-cast Aetherwind Basker.

Annexus on Temur? It's Back

2 years ago

So, I've had some succes piloting this type of deck during the last few months of standard before the bannings. There are a few suggestions that I want to make. First of: Hadana's Climb seems really good, but to be honest, I think in this shell it's too slow. You'd rather want either more creatures going face, more E producers for the pummel damage, or perhaps more pumpspells. For this reason, I'm going to suggest Highspire Infusion, Larger Than Life and Greenbelt Rampager. These cards all like to do what you want to do, at a fair and reasonable cost. I'd take out Built to Smash, a card that frustrated me to no end in the original RG Pummeler list. Used it as well, without a lot of success, as missing pummels as target just makes you feel bad. I'd also reconsider the amount of counterspells, especially Disallow, as it runs you 1UU, could be hard to cast in a three color deck. Either that, or you'd want to run more Servants.

These are just some suggestions, I've had a lot of success with the deck in the past and would love to see more people going face with pummels. Good luck on the list.

Arturia1 on Post-Ban Pummeler (Deck Discussion)

2 years ago

Yeah!!! is based on the Mengucci's deck :D

Trophy Mage will probably take the place of Rogue Refiner (except for the energy).

Padeem, Consul of Innovation maybe is too slow and is a dead card without the Pummeler in play (IMO).

Highspire Infusion could be nice with Empyreal Voyager (but not on the Pummeler, since we wants to give Trample to it).

Woodweaver's Puzzleknot can help in the long game , but is slow especially in an aggro deck lick this (side, maybe?).

brodesmagodes on Mono Green Energy ( $45.00 competitive )

2 years ago

Honestly I would keep the blossoming defense and dump the Highspire Infusion. Also, I would suggest adding in Nature's Way. You get the trample damage plus you can pump up the Electrostatic Pummeler to simultaneously kill a large creature and go in for the kill.

MonochromeDisco on UG Pummeler

2 years ago

Ended up putting 2 of the Spell Pierce in for protection and disrupting UW Approach decks.

I'd replace One With the Wind if there was anything that gave me a better clock with any of the backup creatures. The fact of it is, my local meta is pretty grounded except for Glorybringer so if I can get ahead, a couple of flying Longtusk Cub/Rogue Refiner just puts me in the position to win without Electrostatic Pummeler.

The only other pump I could use is Highspire Infusion instead of those, but then I'm staring down the potential for being walled out.

Generally not a fan of Puzzleknots though. I'm not convinced they're the best thing for the deck.

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