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Jund Good? (Weekly competition updates)

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Hey Guys, thanks for checking out the deck. This is my current list for that I will be playing regularly at my LGS.

For each Week that I play this deck, I plan on posting the results as well as any significant match notes.

Jund has many great cards available to it, so the current lists vary out there vary a bit. Part of what makes my list different is that I run 3 Grim Flayer, which has the most important interaction with both Dark Confidant and Bloodbraid Elf in order to properly sequence, draw, and cascade. The knowledge that Grim Flayer provides when I pilot this deck makes him of more value than Tarmogoyf in many situations. while flayer may not always match up to goyf size wise, the his trample helps ensure you get damage through. A single point of damage going through with flayer can mean potentially avoiding up to 3 bad draws, or expertly ordering good cards in the most optimal way.

Also, While Bloodbraid Elf was just unbanned, and many decks are looking for ways to maximize his value, I am choosing to only run him as a 3 of for now. He is accompanied on the 4-drop slot with Huntmaster of the Fells   and Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet in the mainboard, as well as Thrun, the Last Troll residing in the side. The value created by the 4 drops in the list, whether its cascading into extra removal spells, creating wolf/zombie tokens and gaining you life, or endlessly regenerating through board wipes, help secure wins by turning around games.


Updates Add

On Monday I went 2-2, which I am fine with. I brought a friend with my to my LGS who had never played Magic before a day in his life, and piloted my spare R/G Tron deck. He also ended the night with a single victory. There was a window of possibility in which i could have played better my very last match, but I was likely dead anyway. Instead of putting my fullest attention into my match, I was also attempting to explain rules to my friend on the fly along with his match opponents attempting to be helpful.

Round 1 I saw Temur Tempo, featuring Tireless Tracker, Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip, BloodMoon and some countermagic in the form of Mana Leak and Remand. No Jace or BBE in the deck to my surprise, which I was anticipating. Game 1 general removal helped keep my opponents board clear. I did BBE into an open board (rookie mistake), cascading into a Fatal Push. Game 2 Thrun came in from the sideboard as well as an extra Aprupt Decay for blood moon. I drew and resolved a thrun, which repeatedly was regenerated to eventually get in for the beatdown.

Round 2 I saw affinity. I brought in all of my board wipes, K-return, EE, Damnation, flaying Tendrils, as well as 2 finks. I saw none of these cards in my opening hand, but kept a playable hand with 2 lands. Never saw a third land to caste K-Command or Maelstrom pulse. Losing against a slow affinity hand of Tower-springleaf drum sucks.

Round 3 was against an interesting $70 Budget deck featuring Isochron Scepter Silence Path to Exile Vapor Snap and other effective removal spells. Had the deck achieved its optimum combo, I could have been locked out, but Abrupt Decay in the mainboard still felt to good to cast against the scepter. FP, FP, IOK, and Goyf got there for me. didn't see enough of the deck the first game to sideboard so i just kept in my mainboard.

Round 4 my opponent had a 5c Humans deck, which he is very efficient with. Round 1 was a distinct victory for him. I had the same SB plan as against the affinity deck: -thoughtseize, -3 LotV, -1 Huntmaster, -1 bolt for Damnation, K return, EE, Flaying Tendrils, and 2 finks. I did draw into both fink's in game 2, but no other sideboard cards. He brought in Mirran Crusader, which is reason enough to keep all 4 bolts in. Crusader as well as Kitesail Freebooter got there in the end.

I did Inquisition my opponent in game 2, saw two Mirran crusaders, but used a bolt on a 3/3 Champion of the Parish before it grew out of control, hoping to draw more removal down the road.

After my results from the night, I believe I need to test against the humans deck a bit more, as well as learn what hands are truly worth keeping.

TL;DR 2-2

Round 1 (W): Temur Tempo

Round 2 (L): Affinity

Round 3 (W): U/W Hombrew

Round 4 (L): Humans


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