Flaying Tendrils

Flaying Tendrils


Devoid (This card has no colour.)

All creatures get -2/-2 until end of turn. If a creature would die this turn, exile it instead.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Flaying Tendrils Discussion

Apollo_Paladin on King vibes (mono black control)

10 months ago

This is especially devious in my opinion, since you have to play Flaying Tendrils first (due to Split Second on Sudden Spoiling)...makes the opponent unlikely to counter Flaying Tendrils if they don't believe it'll kill any or all of their key creatures...and then they obviously can't really counter Split Second unless they've got a deck specifically built with non-spell counterspell effects (not a ton of creature or other permanent activated-abilities on that list anyway)

Apollo_Paladin on King vibes (mono black control)

10 months ago

Needs Sudden Spoiling in my opinion. Split Second is extremely handy as a combo-breaker, and the effect would turn Flaying Tendrils into an 'opponent-only' boardwipe if you were to combo them.

lagotripha on Sorin to victory (orzhov vampires)

1 year ago

I've played a lot of modern vamps. Some of the best options are dirt cheap, so it makes for a great budget list to take to FNM. Most of the time I've been in mono black, but splashing for lietennant is fairly low-cost and low-risk for a great card.

For this list, Vampire of the Dire Moon , Vampire Cutthroat , Indulgent Aristocrat will do an amazing job filling out the one-drop slots. They are the 'best' budget setup I've found- great burn matchup and evasion/great deathtouch trades into bigger threats. They also play nice with Lashwrithe and Blade of the Bloodchief .

If your budget is tight enought that filling out with $1 1 drops seems rough, look at Guul Draz Vampire , Shadow Alley Denizen and Pulse Tracker alongside Stromkirk Condemned , Urge to Feed and direct damage like Gonti's Machinations and Bump in the Night . Playing a lot of 1 mana creatures that get pumped is really good, and evasion like intimidate makes something like mono-red burn but with hand disruption.

Two mana stronger options is Legion Lieutenant and Cordial Vampire (you can run Stromkirk Condemned , Dusk Legion Zealot or Cruel Celebrant ), and three is Vampire Nighthawk and Bloodthirsty Aerialist since you have them and want those slots for budget removal/carddraw. Gifted Aetherborn deserves a mention as it used to be cheap, but dire moon is frankly better and in print.

Next we come to the thing that makes budget mono-black king of the budget lists- cheap, effective spells. Sign in Blood is playable card-draw. Underworld Connections while far, far worse than Phyrexian Arena , and worse than bob still performs admirably. Delirium Skeins & Mind Rake devastates control players. Duress successfully hates out combo players. Standard cards like Mire's Toll & Drill Bit perform miracles. Cards like Flaying Tendrils can play at being one-sided boardwipes, and your sideboard has access to all manner of oddball cards that had too many copies to get expensive for modern- from Shadowfeed to Davriel, Rogue Shadowmage .

Grab some playtest tools and muck about- you will find a great deck within your budget that you can muck about with to perform well in your local meta.

Free_Iona on Shhh, its an Eldrazi Party {Primer}

2 years ago

Mj3913 terrific suggestions as always. I particularly like Call the Bloodline as it lets me discard the eldrazi into the graveyard as well, where I can reanimate them. I've removed Flaying Tendrils and Consume the Meek as they seemed like dead cards late game to really be effective.

heckproof on

2 years ago

I’ll preface this suggestion by saying that I’m no Rock expert; I’m more of a Jeskai aficionado. That being said, I’ve heard that Flaying Tendrils is really good in matchups like Phoenix or Dredge. You might play around with one of those. Other than that, I’d say this list seems solid.

If you need G/B midrange help, I’m pretty sure Chasmolinkeris your guy.

Kesch on ShadowRock

2 years ago

FlintSR I’ve been running 2x Flaying Tendrils in my sideboard since they were released. They are incredibly useful in a surprising number of matchups.

FlintSR on ShadowRock

2 years ago

Lmao wait a second... Is the 2x sideboard Flaying Tendrils the answer BG has been looking for? Exiles phoenix's, bloodghasts... Brb while I look through my bulk lol

hungry000 on UB Death's Shadow Tempo

2 years ago

I'd play Mission Briefing over snap since it counts towards Pteramander and also puts stuff in the gy for it. Mausoleum Secrets seems unnecessary since you're playing a decent number of cantrips and is generally not as good as Brutality, which would work better in those two slots imo. Cry of the Carnarium is an upgraded version of Flaying Tendrils .

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