"It is time for more...'experiments'... The pain will only be passing; you should survive the process..." -Jon Irenicus

My favorite villain of all time now as a commander deck :D

I've been thinking over the last day or so how best to build Jon Irenicus. He's really cool to me for his unique effect and the character itself is a total badass villain. Cards like Ebonblade Reaper were surprisingly easy to find, having a decent number of donate targets is definitely needed to take advantage of Jon. Have to be careful though because these things eventually have to be killed off. When the controlling player leaves the game any dontaed creatures will return to me. They still can't be sacced and are still goaded so I need to consider how to handle that.

This brings me to the second thing. If Jon is removed before he donates some of these things that can be pretty awful. Being able to reanimate/protect Jon is #1. Reanimation also brings back donated creatures that get removed. So it's pretty sweet to have.

This deck will be an interesting mix of balancing when to remove, when to protect, and when to donate. It isn't something that just works on auto-pilot.

Something I think I'll pass on including is Plague Reaver. Both Jon's and Reaver's triggers will go on the stack together. So you'll be able to donate but you'll also have to sacrifice all your creatures. Minus the Reaver you are donating... On the other hand Grave Pact effects are great. No need for my opponents to have their own creatures, just mine lol.


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