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Modern Artifact Competitive Counters Mono-Blue Tron



Welcome to my version of Mono-U tron! This deck tries to stall your opponent until you can get the big cards out. Here's the breakdown behind cards.


Condescend - The scry makes this a powerful counter. Lets me set up my next couple of draws.

Spell Burst - Definitely one that truly shines with tron alive. If I can continuously buy it back then my opponent sits there and crys.

Remand - Staple counter in modern.

Supreme Will - Being playtested over Thirst for Knowledge, but the utility looks like it could be viable.


Oblivion Stone - Artifact board wipe that can be recurred with Academy Ruins and if on the board long enough it can protect some of my permanents.

Platinum Emperion - I am choosing this over Platinum Angel due to the fact of Platinum Angel being so fragil in this meta. Dismember, two Lightning Bolts (happens more often than you think), and Galvanic Blast all come to mind. Plus, he is an 8/8 monster.

Thought-Knot Seer - I'm putting this in protection as it can take away a card in my opponent's hand that may be devastating to me. Not to mention gets around Lightning Bolt and is a great blocker

Spellskite - Such an amazing card. Completely shuts down infect, Bogles, and even seriously slows burn. Turning all of their Lightning Bolts into shocks seriously slows their deck. Doubles as a blocker for their creature. Versatile.

Win Conditions

Kozilek, the Great Distortion - Draw and menace make this a pretty good monster. The counter ability has helped on occasion, but not the main reason for the card.

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon - Albeit a little slow at 3 damage per turn, it's also a board wipe that can protect itself (somewhat).

Wurmcoil Engine - because Wurmcoil Engine.

The ultimate goal of this deck tries to get to is the lock with Mindslaver. For those that do not know it here's how it goes. I need 12 mana AND Academy Ruins. With 12 mana I can cast Mindslaver for 6, sacrifice it to take my opponent's turn for 4, then the last 2 is to activate Academy Ruins to put Mindslaver back on top of my library to repeat. This means I am taking my opponent's turn and can make their cards do whatever I want.


Updates Add

So CheeseTheGunslinger made a solid argument about Sundering Titan becoming worst in the meta with aggressive decks using fast lands and less shocks. This update started with simply finding a replacement for him, and then turned into a whole update with analyzing playtest cards and seeing some things other people are trying.

First, I decided to take out Minamo, School at Water's Edge and Oboro, Palace in the Clouds for two basic Islands. Since Sundering Titan is no longer mainboard, I don't need to worry about needing blue sources that don't get hit by him. Since I'll only side him in against midranged decks anyway, I should have enough blue sources by that time to not worry, plus I don't lose nearly as much with the absolute most two lands (enters and leaves), and my opponent a potential 6 (3 when he enters, 3 when he leaves assuming it is a 3-color deck. I don't see me siding him in against a two colored or less deck). I also chose to add in more basics because I'm going to playtest Field of Ruin over Ghost Quarter. I lose a little utility with Crucible of Worlds and Ghost Quarter to just take them out of lands completely, but I've never gotten to do that anyway.

I've taken out one Fabricate, one Supreme Will, and then the Sundering Titan for three Thirst for Knowledges. I was playtesting Supreme Will over them, but I want them back. I like the cross of 3-2, so we'll see how it goes. I believe I still play enough artifacts to discard irrelevant ones in whatever matchup.

I feel Remand has become so much worst in this meta. I've taken one out to bring Oblivion Stone back into the mainboard to deal with things I don't like. Having just Ugin, the Spirit Dragon as a board wipe (while extremely efficient) just wasn't enough.

Jester's Cap was in the sideboard, but just didn't do enough. I have replaced it with Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. Helps against other control matchups, as well as mill even though that archtype hasn't really been seen lately. I'll probably exchange it for something else later, but for now it'll stay to playtest.

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