Healer's Hawk

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper Duel Commander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Healer's Hawk

Creature — Bird

Flying, lifelink

Scarecrow1779 on Mono-Colored Beginner Decks

2 months ago

Krikr I'm glad you like them! Whenever I show somebody these lists, I almost always tell them about the card kingdom rookie decks in the same breathe. Not everyone wants to go through the work of assembling lists, even if those lists would be better suited. I'm glad my lists had teaching strengths, though. I always enjoy how easy it is to teach the stack with my lists, but was never sure if anybody else felt the same.

Swapping out Lightning Bolt for Demon Bolt is interesting. I hesitate because of Demon Bolt being a more complex card and Lightning Bolt already having a lot of decision making associated with it, but the point of being slower is a good one. I had considered replacing Lightning Bolt with Searing Spear, but ultimately didn't do it because I didn't want to weaken the matchup against white. Having a cheap removal option is very important for taking out an enchanted Healer's Hawk before it gains white too much life. It's interesting that red was too powerful in your testing. IIRC, red's win rates for me were just a hair below 50% in most matchups. I never worried about it too much, though, because most of the people I have taught tend to not want to play with or against aggro. They're all destined to play value decks in EDH, I guess XD. Was there any particular matchup where you felt red was too strong, or was it across the board?

Sideboards are a really interesting option that I hadn't thought about before. I worry that by depending on new players evaluation, you're more likely to end up with one-sided games. However, I suppose making the learner's deck more powerful than the teacher's is actually the perfect way to show how much card choice matters. I've had times when I was teaching two people at once and they each had a beginner deck and we're playing against each other. In those cases, I could just have a suggested sideboard for each matchup that guides them to an evenly matched game 2.

Thanks for necro-ing the post! I always love talking about these little decks, and now you've got me excited to try sideboarding with them when I get a chance!

SithLord on Birb Storm

3 months ago

There are very few birds to be found here. Odd, because this is a tribal bird theme deck. You aren't even running Maskwood Nexus or Arcane Adaptation

So here are some birds I found that would be fun to play:

Derevi, Empyrial Tactician

Augury Owl

Arctic Aven

Falcon Abomination

Aetherstorm Roc

Apex Hawks

Aven Brigadier !!!!!

Aven Gagglemaster

Aven Mindcensor

Aven Squire

Aven Wind Guide

Bay Falcon

Celestial Gatekeeper !

Airborne Aid !

Battle Screech !

Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle !

Steel-Plume Marshal !

Emeria Angel

Judge's Familiar

Skycat Sovereign

Cloudchaser Kestrel

Healer's Hawk

Esior, Wardwing Familiar

Skyway Robber

River Hoopoe

Donal, Herald of Wings

Whippoorwill an exile for so little the cost

Storm Crow why isn't this here?

Spire Owl cheap, but nice

Jubilant Skybonder

Sephara, Sky's Blade this hits the field by turn 4 for 1 white mana!

Ledger Shredder badass name and badass ability

Cartographer's Hawk a fun card that empties your deck of plains

Watcher of the Spheres dude

Flurry of Wings and Settle the Wreckage There is so much fun to be had

Ishai, Ojutai Dragonspeaker_ look at this scawwwwww _ Warden of Evos Isle not needed, but nice for making 5 mana birds cost less

Empyrean Eagle lord

Kangee, Sky Warden all it takes is one 1/1 bird token to scwwwaaa

Kangee, Aerie Keeper you can't run one bird and not have any feathers ay?

Shabraz, the Skyshark its a sharknado

Wingmate Roc the best wingman

High Sentinels of Arashin use your mana ramp to buff your army

Nimble Obstructionist _a tale's end _

Cloudfin Raptor

Emeria Angel dude

Soulcatchers' Aerie

Ouroboros_47 on Pimp My Flyers

4 months ago

There's some quite good birds you could add if you still want to go mostly bird tribal. Healer's Hawk, Watcher of the Spheres, Aven Mindcensor, and Empyrean Eagle come to mind. Also Lofty Denial is great.

TheReal_MtGHaystak on Pigeon tribal

6 months ago

Pigeon Boys!!

Augury Owl Aven Mindcensor Battlefield Raptor Healer's Flock Healer's Hawk Nimble Obstructionist Sage Owl Wingmate Roc. All of these are really good birds that I've seen or have. Wingate Roc is an amazing card in a lot of decks but super good in this build as it's two big pigeons in one card.

wallisface on Flyers

7 months ago

Some thoughts:

  • Celestial Colonnade is only really played in hard-control decks that generally lack any other practical ways to win. In general, i'd say ditch all of your taplands and just ru basics. You'll find that a land coming in tapped will trip up your tempo faaar too often, and with your current card selection I don't see you having many issues at all just running basics anyway. If you are wanting a better manabase on a sudo-budget, I'd suggest getting cards like Glacial Fortress, Adarkar Wastes, and Seachrome Coast. You want to avoid lands that enter tapped at all costs.

  • Warden of Evos Isle and Watcher of the Spheres don't look like they'll do too much as they won't be able to reduce the cost of a lot of your team (i.e. Skycat Sovereign, Healer's Hawk, Watcher of the Spheres, realistically Sephara, Sky's Blade). I'd think it would make sense to reduce the number of these you're playing (personally i'd ditch Warden of Evos Isle entirely)

  • a playset of Squadron Hawk should be useful here.

  • As Foretold does almost nothing for you here, I'd suggest ditching it. Griffin Aerie should probably also be ditched, because there are just too few ways to get value from it in your current list.

  • Creature based lists like these oftentimes can't make good use of countermagic, like Absorb and Counterspell, because they're using their mana on their turn to play creatures. I thing you would be better off playing proactive-spells instead of reactive ones. Stuff like Path to Exile is going to get you a LOT more value, because it lets you keep playing aggressively on your turns, without having to slow down so much for countering stuff.

  • Modern decks should always aim towards 60 cards. While running 64 might not seem like much more, it will make your hands & draws weaker overall, and create less consistency. I would suggest strongly to aim to get down to 60 cards (there are a lot of suggestions of stuff to remove above so should be an easy job)

Endersword334 on Orzhov Life Gain

11 months ago

I would also remove Anointed Chorister since it really just isn't that strong. If you are looking for small lifelink creatures then I would try Speaker of the Heavens, Alseid of Life's Bounty and/or Healer's Hawk.

Simerix on Just Don't Get Hit

1 year ago

Some cards to cut: Akroan Jailer , Accorder Paladin , Healer's Hawk , Mesa Unicorn , Stone Haven Pilgrim , Story Seeker , Banishing Light , Blind Obedience , Journey to Nowhere , Stasis Snare

If you want an explanation why, lmk. There are a lot more cards I would take out. In general, gaining life and doing nothing else isn't worth your time. There's too much gaining life and not enough synergy

DjJD on Help! The pecking order is pecking me!

1 year ago

Hey! Turned out I made a similar deck myself. I realised I could not have a lot of disrupt spells so I focused it all on aggro though. I only have 1 counterspell and no dual lands (cause they come into play tapped). Here are a few budget cards I would definitely include if I were you: Healer's Hawk , Unstable Mutation , Vapor Snag and Kaya's Onslaught . I personally don't really like Winged Words even if it has senergy in a flying deck!

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