Okay. So I got some very solid 4 person games in against a variety of different decks and the deck survived and often with just ukkima on the battlefield. Actually for 2-3 full rotations I had nothing on the field. Which yes is a problem. But also very telling as the fields of my opponents needed wiped big time.

My one opponent saw my hand. Full of resistance but no wincons and assumed I would win. There was no way. They were gaining life as quick as I could whack away at it with quietus spike. That’s the problem I had absolutely no win cons. None that stuck anyways. I got all the big equips out and enchantments. But they were blown up immediately. Ukkima would be killed almost as soon as I played him. For some reason people were really scared of him lol. Also my mana was light in all the games so I fixed that and a bunch more.

So this taught me a few things. I needed more lands and actual mana rocks the mana ramp never felt as good and effective to cast as mana rocks did. So I took out all the ramp and just added all rocks. Next I learned that my creature removal and graveyard recursion were my favorite part of the deck. I was definitely missing enough recursion because I ran out working on returning ukkima. So this new iteration is full of protection, evasion, recursion. You may notice there is only one creature in the deck. That's Ukkima's evolution! Haha

That’s because in every game I played that night rarely did I have a creature anyway and when I did it died quickly. When I realized how effectively I could keep people at bay with the immediate response of creature destruction I promised. I don’t need anymore then ukkima and cazur. This frees me up to add more of the pieces of the deck that really do work. And frees up plenty of space for land and rocks.

The deck is made up of a few main categories:

Recursion; both instant/sorcery And permanents.

Board control; destruction, bounce, polymorph(my favorite).

Ukkima protection; specifically instant hexproof but also in the form of the above listed bounce spells.

Wincons; the instant pump spells and tricky sacrificing spells/lands. I’ll be swinging out. Popping. Recurring the spells. Tutoring for those spells etc. I don’t have an actual Off switch in the deck for opponents but I don’t really want one. I wanna fight for the win just me and ukkima evading. Stalking. And merkin the table.

So this is a pretty hefty overhaul. And if you kept with me through that garbage fire of a description. Give it a shot and let me know what you think.

I’m sure I’ll make more changes. Idk if my balance of recursion and evasion etc is right yet. If I have too much or not enough of one thing or another. I’m still deciding which draw spells I absolutely prefer over others. And if I should maybe include more tutors in place of draw etc. so as I play test more and more with this deck I’ll be making tweaks. And I’ll try to keep you updated here.

Ukkima is a deck I’ve come back to again and again and I’m going to maintain this deck listing as a living journal of sorts of the decks progress.

Anyway. Thanks!


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