This is an Avacyn, Angel of Hope Voltron style deck. Trying to get out Avacyn as fast as possible before equipping her and hopefully smacking down my opponents via commander damage. Most cards are divided into these categories: Ramp, Card Draw (for as far as that is accessible in mono-white), Equipment, Equipment Synergy, Wraths, Single Target Removal and Protection, because we don't want someone Swords to Plowsharing our Avacyn after we spent a whopping 8 mana to get her onto the battlefield. Many of them also overlap in some of these categories (Mask of Avacyn is both Equipment and Protection, for example). I put more pieces of ramp in this deck than normal because I want to get Avacyn out as soon as possible. Too bad card draw is so sucky in mono white.

So after playtesting this deck in actual combat, I found out the main weakness of this deck so far is that you can be kicked out of the game early, right before or right after you get Avacyn out on the field. At least in my playgroup decks where attacking is important are quite popular, and removal for Avacyn is quite rare, so just in case anyone trying out this deck has a similar experience, I have added quite a few Holy Day effects in the Maybeboard. Other than the aforementioned card, I'd mostly recommend Kami of False Hope, Ethereal Haze, Mandate of Peace and Riot Control, but others might be better based on personal preference and circumstance.

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