Nest Invader

Nest Invader

Creature — Eldrazi Drone

When Nest Invader enters the battlefield, put a 0/1 colorless Eldrazi Spawn creature token onto the battlefield. It has "Sacrifice this creature: Add {{1}} to your mana pool."

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Nest Invader Discussion

BruhYouFarted on Overlooked But Awesome Cards For …

2 months ago

Recently, I have been scrounging the Gatherer for new sweet Pauper cards, which has been successful. The catch is, these might not fit into decks in the mainstream or decks built around these would be pretty janky. If anyone could make a list out of any of these, I applaud you. Anyway:

Kobold Taskmaster : Sitting at a steep 30 cents, Kobold Taskmaster gives all Kobolds a boost. In case you haven't noticed, Kobold Tron is legal. ( Crookshank Kobolds , Kobolds of Kher Keep , and Crimson Kobolds ) Kobold Taskmaster can also just provide a boost to Changelings, like Universal Automaton and Changeling Outcast , or just give your board some bones on the meat with Shields of Velis Vel . A playable deck though; that is for you, the victim of my madness, to decide.

Glyph of Doom , Glyph of Destruction , and Glyph of Life : All of these are in here because of a combo with Wall of Glare . Either block all their guys and gain a ton of life, or wipe out all their attackers. If you combine Doom and Life, you can get a one-sided board wipe if you play your cards right.

Mob Justice : This 2 mana spell can absolutely wipe someone out. With the help of creatures from Kuldotha Rebirth , The Kobolds, and others like Hordeling Outburst , Nest Invader , Sprout Swarm , Triplicate Spirits , etc. You could then finish the game with Raid Bombardment , Massive Raid , or Impact Tremors .

Hopefully you enjoyed my list! I still have some cards down my sleeve, but I would like to hear your overlooked cards for Pauper as a comment. I really want to do a part 2, so one will surly coming. Cya.

Chino90 on can i get infinite bounce …

4 months ago

I have both Cloudstone Curio and Cryptic Gateway on the BF. I play Nest Invader . I get the ETB trigger to generate a token, plus the curio tigger. I resolve the token trigger, which triggers an aditional curio trigger (the other still on the stack). Having 2 eldrazi, I activate the gateway's ability, and I put the gateways' ability on the stack.

Now that I have these triggers on the stack (2 curio 1 gateway), can I put them in the order "curio, gateway, curio", to bounce the nest invader to my hand, cheat it again with gateway, and chose not to resolve the second curio trigger?

Balaam__ on Quick Emrakul

4 months ago

That depends on how close to its current iteration you’d like to keep your deck. Honestly, Modern is such a fast paced format that if you wish to stay viable you have to streamline as much as possible.

If your path to victory looks something like Elvish Piper / Quicksilver Amulet —> Emrakul, the Aeons Torn , then you’re going to want to ramp as early and steeply as you can to get either of the first two in play ASAP. I’d drop Knight of the Reliquary , Noble Hierarch and Nest Invader for mana dorks like Arbor Elf , Mystic elf and Llanowar Elves . You’ll be able to play the Piper or the Amulet turn(s) earlier than you otherwise could, and proceed straight into dropping Emrakul after that.

That’s one possible direction to take your deck. There’s a handful of others. Ultimately the choice is yours. As long as it’s fun for you and your playgroup, there really isn’t a right or wrong way.

ellie-is on Aggro Bouncehouse

1 year ago

Nice, love how you combined bounce with Keldon Marauders! Maybe something like Rendclaw Trow could be a nice fit, since persist creatures like losing their counters more than undying creatures. But the above suggestion of Nest Invader and Young Wolf are definitely worth considering! Vault Skirge rocks too.

Making suggestions for Pauper as a Modern player is hard haha, it's hard to remember what is or isn't common and what power level is or isn't acceptable.

PS: Splashing is tough, but if you add blue you can definitely lean more heavily into the bounce strategy.

kingofcramers on Aggro Bouncehouse

1 year ago

Nice deck! I love horned kavu.

I really wouldn't play Scryb Sprites though. I'd play some other good beater from stompy (River Boa, Nest Invader or Young Wolf for the bounce synergy, even Vault Skirge as just a strict upgrade (it's nasty with reckless charge and rancor). Other than that, love the deck

Destroyerbirb on Death Bird Aristocrats

1 year ago

hungry000 Very nice. I'm not sure about the single Rancor, so I'd take it out, two Nest Invaders and one Loam Dryad for 4x Unearth.

+1 from me.

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