Lava Coil

Lava Coil


Lava Coil deals 4 damage to target creature. If that creature would die this turn, exile it instead.

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Lava Coil Discussion

cyeRunner on Budget UR Delver

6 months ago

My knowledge of budget cards is quite limited but here are some suggestions:
Flame Slash over Lava Coil in the sideboard
Also I'd go up to 16 Creatures with either Pteramander or Brineborn Cutthroat

DanMcSharp on This Is America

1 year ago

Ebro Red damage spells that exile that come to mind would be Lava Coil and Scorching Dragonfire, one is a sorcery though. If you meant for an instant that deals damage to a creature and the player at the same time, then Flame Spill could be a cheaper alternative.

berryjon on Pattern Recognition #153 - Teferi …

1 year ago

ClockworkSwordfish: Quicken says it does!~

Also, it was the first four-damage red spell that came to mind. Lava Coil can't target 'Walkers or players so I suppose a better example should have been.... Lightning Blast or more recently Flame Lash.

ClockworkSwordfish on Pattern Recognition #153 - Teferi …

1 year ago

You sure Lava Coil often happens at instant speed on other peoples' turns? You absolutely sure about that?

ArfiGames on Dinosaur Hub/Primer

1 year ago


Oh yes about Reckless Rage I’ve certainly used it in the past and could see myself going back to it in the future. It’s definitely nice for getting of something like Questing Beast and being Instant speed has help me many times.

Say one of my guys is being targeted with Lava Coil, in response Reckless Rage on it, remove one of their decent sized threats and get a second Enrage Trigger. I just prefer to have it in the sideboard (feel it’s better there) and keep the Main generally good no matter what comes Game 1.

I don’t think I’d use it in a Bo1 setting since there are a number of times it’ll be a dead card. Though I like what it can do for Dinos.

Kaheera A great suggestion! I was certainly excited to have another Dino Lord when I first saw her. It didn’t take long to reason that she just wouldn’t be good (at least how I prefer to play Dinos).

Like you say, it would mean the removal of Otepec Huntmaster something I’m quite opposed to unless I’ve gone heavy boarding in Flame Sweep. It would also mean the removal of Marauding Raptor IMO, since that’s the main/best Turn 2 with Otepec gone. Holding off on playing Marauding, just to let Kaheera get on board without being killed is too slow for me.

I might go back and see about working her in but currently I’m doing other things. Companion is strong for sure but at least this specific one hurts things a little to much having to bend to the requirements.

Cats would be fantastic though! I think I’ve read about her being used in Elementals to good effect.

MaelstromLegends on Jeskai Control (Feedback Wanted)

1 year ago

I already have absorbs, and I'm considering Ionize. Vadrok is an interesting spell, but I can't grab it with Narset's ability, and I want to minimize the occurrence of whiffing on her ability. I prefer Scorching Dragonfire by far when compared to Lava Coil since it is instant speed. I really like Elspeth, Sun's Nemesis for a few reasons. She can be recast and she can delay the game while providing me with creatures. She's fetchable with Narset, which is something I value a lot. One of the biggest things going for her though, is that you can discard any amount of cards from your hand with Dream Trawler to recast her. I have sort been playing a few decks since I constantly deck build. I may have to revisit this list and give it some love so that I can stay up to date. I'm going to likely take The Royal Scions out, and change up some of my draw/counter packages.

Thanks for the Feedback! It was much appreciated to see both of your views!

Quicksilver on Whirlwind of card draw

1 year ago

I admit I'm not too highly experienced with burn decks, so my first plan with the deck was to make sure my burn spells hit the player, rather than hitting creatures, Especially as U/W is so good for wraths and spot removal anyway. That's how I use Mask of Immolation in this deck, I can put it out in the early game when players are putting up their board then ping for no cost at a later point. With a soldier on the field, I can ping 2 for , much like Chandra's Pyrohelix.

Heartfire works well because this deck is littered with small tokens, some that come out at no cost that I can sacrifice easily without losing too much board presence. Lava Coil and Mystical Dispute will definitely go into the sideboard at least, though I don't really want to lean the deck too far towards control.

Dance of the Manse was something I had considered, but the reason against recursion with my enchantments is that The Birth of Meletis becomes less valuable the longer the game goes on for and there are only 4 basic plains in the deck, and Medomai's Prophecy requires 3 turns for it's most powerful ability. Once they've served their purpose, I rarely have any need for them again.

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