I finally decided to get my stuff together and assemble a semi-competitive modern deck, and at first glance, this appeared like a good option. This is a budget Delver of Secrets   deck, looking to cast a large amount of instants and sorceries to get value out of Young Pyromancer and Monastery Swiftspear . The plan is to disrupt the opponent's gameplan with spells such as Vapor Snag , Mana Leak , and Magmatic Sinkhole , all while using aggressive beaters like Bonecrusher Giant or the deck's namesake to finish off the opponent. Being ahead in cards is not hard to accomplish either, as Of One Mind is a new(ish) card that allows us to refuel our hand at little cost in almost every situation. Opt and Serum Visions also give us a major advantage, powering up our Swiftspears and Pyromancers while digging through the deck for more answers. Full deck and sideboard description coming soon!


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When I saw the Strixhaven spoilers, I think you all know what card caught my eye - Prismari Command . It's a card on the power level of Kolaghan's Command , which has been a modern staple for several years, and I think it will be solid in Delver shells. It has the iconic Shock+Shatter combo that Kolaghan's Command is so well known for, and the addition of Faithless Looting and a treasure production makes it quite the versatile and powerful card. I'm going to make sure to get my hands on at least a couple copies for this deck when Strixhaven drops.


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