heheheh Fire! FIRE! FIRE!! FIRE!!!

Fire's cool. and stuff.

Anyone still know what this show is, or am I just too old?

Anyways, this is a partner deck centered around two of Myra's Marvels performers. The idea is to start storming to create treasure tokens, which can drain life, then sac those tokens, which also drains life, to fuel other spells. Ignacio does a lot more in this deck to be honest, but having extra card draw that is accessible from the Command Zone is hard to pass up.

Get the right cards out and you can enter an infinite mana loop with this deck and really go FIRE FIRE FIRE with the finisher spells. If you haven't played with enough fire to wipe everyone out by this point anyways. Or play spell after spell after spell of CMC cards with fire in the art to rack up that storm count and go nuclear.

I'll leave it open for discussion which one of the commander's is which of the dumb duo.

This deck is still a work in progress as I tweak the spells and make adjustments to the landbase as I sort through lands.

comments and suggestions are always welcome!


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