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Bloodghast is a good creature that I can choose to either keep in the graveyard or return to play depending on the game's current state.

Dark Confidant - You can burn through your hand really quickly with this deck; Bob gives you cheap card advantage in addition to hitting people for 2. Sometimes the life loss is dangerous, but you can just keep attacking your opponent at that point to balance it out (to equalize damage done to both players) or get Bob into your graveyard (because you won't let 2 damage through forever). Kitchen Finks offsets life loss as well.

Kitchen Finks is a good aggro and anti-aggro card. Two solid bodies in one card and life gain makes this a good addition.

Sakura-Tribe Elder gives extra mana acceleration in case you need it, can be a blocker/attacker, and you can sacrifice it in a pinch to pump up some of your creatures. I actually prefer Viridian Emissary for extra damage but Tribe Elder is more reliable, given that you can keep it on the field or in your graveyard depending on the game state - just like Bloodghast !

Splinterfright is a solid beater that can become gigantic, and the trample is extremely relevant.

Tarmogoyf - not sure what I could say here. It's one of the best creatures ever printed, and fulfills the same role as Splinterfright sans the trample. Often a 3/4 or 4/5 for a mere 2 mana, Goyf puts on serious pressure.

Boneyard Wurm is a worse version of Tarmogoyf, but it can still be a large threatening creature.


Treetop Village - A land with trample! Really useful for getting in extra damage or becoming a surprise blocker.

Kessig Wolf Run is a recent addition. Some of my creatures would get chump-blocked often when facing token/swarm decks, and the Wolf Run consistently gets around that. Mulch helps you find at least one of the two copies.


Smother is, in my opinion, the best kill spell in Modern; surpassed only by Path to Exile and Abrupt Decay . If it's relevant, Smother can almost always kill it. Only a few creatures are immune to its effects.

Raven's Crime is one of my favorite discard spells because it can be used so many times, and if you get dead draws (extra lands) they're not dead since it can be fuel for Raven's Crime. It's not difficult to make people's hands stay at 0 by some point.

Mulch adds more lands to your hand to use with Raven's Crime , to help with missed land drops, and to provide graveyard fuel for Tarmogoyf /Splinterfright . It also aids in color fixing, should you need it, because you're filling your hand with a LOT of lands late-game. REPLACED by Grisly Salvage , which is better in every way.


— Aug. 12, 2012

Changed some lands around so I could add Kessig Wolf Run . Also switched 2 sideboard Kitchen Finks with 2 Smother for three reasons: (1) some of my games lately are against creatures that Smother doesn't effect - such as Kiki-Jiki & Restoration Angel, (2) I ended up putting in another shockland so I need to keep my life up, and (3) I should have more creatures in the deck.

Moved all comments to this update.

— May 21, 2012

Basic shell finalized for now. Playtests are going well.

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Sets Modern Masters, Return to Ravnica, Innistrad, MTG: Commander, Duel Decks: Garruk vs. Liliana, Zendikar, Eventide, Shadowmoor, Dissension, Guildpact, Ravnica: City of Guilds
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