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Gruul Alternative Win Conditions

Commander / EDH RG (Gruul) RUG (Temur)


Add these killer combo cards to any Gruul deck to win out of nowhere!

NOTE: I added lands and a commander to the deck that you can ignore if you just want to focus on the alternative wincons.

The Protean Hulk combo is a little tricky and costs after Ashnod's discount -

1) Have Ashnod's Altar on the field.

2) Cast and sac Protean Hulk .

3) Put Eternal Witness and Combat Celebrant on the field, taking Protean Hulk back into hand.

4) Cast and sac Protean Hulk .

5) Put Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker on the field and combo.

The rest are pretty straight-forward to figure out.

Have fun!

PS - Check out for more ideas!


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