Volatile Rig


Format Legality
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Return to Ravnica (RTR) Rare

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Volatile Rig

Artifact Creature — Construct


Volatile Rig attacks each turn if able.

Whenever Volatile Rig is dealt damage, flip a coin. If you lose the flip, sacrifice Volatile Rig. When Volatile Rig dies, flip a coin. If you lose the flip, Volatile Rig deals 4 damage to each creature and player.

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Volatile Rig Discussion

RavenedFuzz on Savra's Victims

9 months ago


Remember: Try to alternate between Savra (cmdr) and Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord to check goodness.

Just to remember: To remove:-Volatile Rig -Horizon Spellbomb-Murder-Korozda Guildmage-Woebringer Demon.

+++We might want to add+++:

+++ Ogre Slumlord+++ Something better for mana/ramp (I'm not really confident about the "Sac costs"... as most of those creatures and enchantments require a few mana to have "sac goodness". +++ Phyrexian Altar+++ Expedition Map+++ Myriad Landscape

maxon on Need Help With group hug ...

11 months ago

I've been brewing this deck:

Electric Storm Hug N Slug

Commander / EDH* maxon


I've got more than 100 cards in it so far, but I'm not done picking stuff to go through.

I was hoping the good folks of TappedOut could take a gander and suggest some utility creatures they think might work well in the build. Preferably with a thoughness of 4 or more, as I will likely be running both Anger of the Gods, Sweltering Suns as well as a good number of X spells where everything burns. I have some creatures in there under that threshold, some of which might go, some will certainly stay.

Any other suggestions on spells are also welcome, a well as suggestions on what to take out (with good reason).

This deck is going to be good and janky, with the general idea being that the deck almost feels explosive and doesn't always watch it for itself. Imagine if Volatile Rig was an EDH deck.

kingofheights on Diaochan, Gambling Fan.

1 year ago

Play a Radiate targeting the Fiery Gambit. 8 mana, you win the game, maybe?

Play Krark's Thumb. Everyone knows the most winningest gamblers cheat a little.

Play Planar Chaos. Play Chance Encounter.

Play Crooked Scales and Mogg Assassin. Now those are some gambling cards.

Literally play Desperate Gambit. Target Heartless Hidetsugu with it, when his ability is on the stack. This is the most correct way to play Gambit.

Play Sorcerer's Strongbox.

Play Volatile Rig.

Play Fighting Chance.

Play Mana Crypt, because it flips coins.

Jantun on Night at the Museum

1 year ago

I'd probably yank Volatile Rig.

nyctophasm on Winning? Who cares? CHAOS!!!

1 year ago

So I have a couple ideas of some changes this deck might make. I'm still trying to make it even more chaotic, despite how bad it is already. Here's my thoughts. Anyone agree or disagree whether these will increase the chaos?

Out: Volatile Rig, Scrambleverse, Skyscribing

In: Shared Fate, Fatespinner, Tide of War

K9soul on Who said this would be a fast game? I didn't...

1 year ago

If you like flipping coins maybe you should add Volatile Rig, hes pretty fun

lagotripha on Annoying control (without control spells)

1 year ago

ok. so as much as I like Glissa, the Traitor, you don't need four of them- multiples aren't gonna be fantastic- you considered Irresistible Prey Pharika, God of Affliction or just Turntimber Basilisk? Executioner's Capsule Ratchet Bomb or Volatile Rig to make use of that ability? Its an interesting start, I just feel like it needs some tinkering. reminds me of the old Kederekt Creeper/Fists of the Demigod shenanigains.

TranquilWyvern on Zedruu is a GOAT!! Not a Minotaur!!!

2 years ago

Alright! Updated the deck one of time! I added some walls; I have no idea where Volatile Rig disappeared to, but he was suppoes to be in the deck from the start; and I added Storm Herd over Increasing Devotion because resolving Storm Herd with Confusion in the Ranks is HILARIOUS!

I took out Reliquary Tower since I didn't bother buying another copy. I'll probably add it back in soon. Also, took out Crooked Scales because its BOORINGG!

I need to find a place for Fiery Gambit!! Probably need to take out a wall; I'm looking at you, Fog Bank and Wall of Essence!

Sorry for the late [email protected]PacoBob Goldnight Castigator is interesting, but my friend seems to have realized how bonkers Rakdos, Lord of Riots is, and plays him less now lol. So adding the angel in now seems kind off a waste. I like how the deck is now anyway, so I don't think I'll add in the double damage cards again.

@Krypt ZEDRUU IS?!?!? WHAT THE EFFFF??...lol. I'll change up the description to accomadate with Zedruu's sex change ;).

Gawd, coffee's good! :3

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