Volatile Rig


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Return to Ravnica (RTR) Rare

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Volatile Rig

Artifact Creature — Construct


Volatile Rig attacks each turn if able.

Whenever Volatile Rig is dealt damage, flip a coin. If you lose the flip, sacrifice Volatile Rig. When Volatile Rig dies, flip a coin. If you lose the flip, Volatile Rig deals 4 damage to each creature and player.

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Volatile Rig Discussion

poorpinkus on Evening the Odds - An actual decent coin flip deck

3 weeks ago

douglas.obri Those are definitely good inclusions! I'll change the deck around once I eventually get a copy of them.

Aporm Yep, I'm still replying to comments (albeit slowly), I'm usually personally against using tutors because they tend to slow the game down with the shuffling and all that (land tutors are different because you can just do that on somebody else's turn and let them do their thing), not to mention I like commander games to be different, and tutors tend to make games feel a bit samey, but they would definitely increase the power of the deck. Paroxysm , Wild Swing , Spark of Creativity , Molten Birth , Chaotic Strike , Volatile Rig and Crazed Firecat are all fairly low-impact cards that I put in for the theme, so any one of those (or all of them for that matter) could be replaced with better cards to improve the deck, and tutors would be a good way to go. Also, if you're going for max power, consider Frenetic Efreet although I'm not a fan since it takes a very long time to resolve that many coin flips. Also if you're going that route, Laboratory Maniac can work as well.

poorpinkus on Evening the Odds - An actual decent coin flip deck

1 month ago

ZorrosRage Pretty well! It can get hosed by control decks, but in a 75% format it is a bomb. It tends to win a lot of games for me, since Zndrsplt has a decent chance of giving good value on the turn that they come out.

There are a lot of on-theme pet cards in this deck though: Paroxysm, Wild Swing, Spark of Creativity, Game of Chaos, Molten Birth, Chaotic Strike, Volatile Rig and Crazed Firecat are all on-theme, however if you replaced them with better cards for protecting Zndrsplt and Okaun, the deck would probably be more consistent. Essentially, the two commanders on their own can kill pretty easily, so you don't really need many coin flip cards, but I like the theme that it creates, and it does help in a pinch.

poorpinkus on Evening the Odds - An actual decent coin flip deck

1 month ago

BMHKain Looks like it'll work pretty well so far! Seems like a higher-budget version of this deck.

Some things that you could change: Tide of War personally was never worth it, since it discourages attacking and puts a target on your head for 6 mana, and usually you'll want people to attack for cards like Desperate Gambit and Impulsive Maneuvers (and you don't want Okaum dying with a huge amount of P/T either). Two-Headed Giant is on-flavour, but he doesn't actually work with your commanders. Skyclaw Thrash and Mijae Djinn tend to not have a big effect on the board since the biggest wincon is usually either Chance Encounter or Okaum (although I understand if he gets hated out a lot). If you're going for a higher-power deck, you could probably remove even more coin flip cards like Crooked Scales, Mogg Assassin and Volatile Rig, replacing them with mass removal, unblockable enablers or different on-theme cards like Chaos Warp or Stitch in Time. I definitely think that Lightning Greaves and Chandra's Ignition are huge cards for my deck, so I'd really suggest using them, and if you are looking to go on the more control side with Zndrsplt, Planar Chaos would be a good addition. Maybe even Laboratory Maniac depending on how many cards you're getting from the additional draw engines (with Impulsive Maneuvers it's easy to draw a ton of cards, and you have Frenetic Efreet which lets you flip as many coins as you want, not to mention Krark's Thumb), although I didn't go for that angle since my deck focuses more on killing with Okaum.

As for positives, I like the idea of Sunbird's Invocation, Tyrant of Discord and Etali, Primal Storm! They fit the flavour of the deck while adding more value. I think in general you have a good spread of card advantage and wincons. It looks like you're going for more general value with Zndrsplt and a splash of unblockable for Okaum, which seems like a good take on the deck since Okaum is a wincon without much extra effort. The cheeky Drift of Phantasms is a great way to find Frenetic Efreet or Fabricate (for Krark's Thumb) as well, and I actually meant to include Muddle the Mixture but forgot, that's a great card for the deck!

landofMordor on Guilds of Ravnica: Spoilers and ...

5 months ago

Boza, I feel you there for sure! My first booster was RTR (pretty sure I opened Volatile Rig, or immediately traded away my Hallowed Fountain for Azor's Elocutors facepalm), and my first prerelease was GTC (I wanted Boros, but drafted Gruul with my little brother so that we wouldn't have to sit alone amidst a bunch of strange middle-aged men...), so I also have a high nostalgia quotient for Ravnica.

I think I'm going to have to see what knobs R&D turned with regard to these new mechanics before I make a verdict. If Mentor is the icing on top of a well-statted, complex cake, it'd be a far cry from just slapping Mentor on top of a French vanilla creature. Same with Surveil (which, although it's only a typo away from "Survey", carries a much more sneaky connotation!), Undergrowth, and the rest.

I can actually really see the flavor hit of Undergrowth. The underclasses of the Golgari (gorgons and Kraul) have revolted after gathering their strength, and now the Golgari, themselves the underclass of Ravnica, are poised to grow into a position of power! But none of that is possible without the dead (RIP Jarad?) who fuel their growth.

poorpinkus on Evening the Odds - An actual decent coin flip deck

7 months ago

Thanks Rivor! I've had some of the most fun games with this deck, but don't be fooled by its unassuming nature - It actually does pack quite a punch. The generals' abilities work extremely well together, and if you win 3 coin flips during your turn, Okaun is big enough to outright kill an opponent. The other great thing is that since nobody knows what the outcome of a coin flip is going to be, it makes it much more difficult for opponents to know what to do about cards like Puppet's Verdict or Volatile Rig since there is a chance that it could actually benefit them (at the expense of other opponents).

Anyway, all I'm trying to say is that while the deck archetype is surely not the most powerful, the deck is actually incredibly explosive, and when playing against medium-tier decks I end up being the archenemy half of the time

Thanks for the comment, and I hope you have fun with it!

RavenedFuzz on Savra's Victims

1 year ago


Remember: Try to alternate between Savra (cmdr) and Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord to check goodness.

Just to remember: To remove:-Volatile Rig -Horizon Spellbomb-Murder-Korozda Guildmage-Woebringer Demon.

+++We might want to add+++:

+++ Ogre Slumlord+++ Something better for mana/ramp (I'm not really confident about the "Sac costs"... as most of those creatures and enchantments require a few mana to have "sac goodness". +++ Phyrexian Altar+++ Expedition Map+++ Myriad Landscape

maxon on Need Help With group hug ...

1 year ago

I've been brewing this deck:

Electric Storm Hug N Slug

Commander / EDH* maxon


I've got more than 100 cards in it so far, but I'm not done picking stuff to go through.

I was hoping the good folks of TappedOut could take a gander and suggest some utility creatures they think might work well in the build. Preferably with a thoughness of 4 or more, as I will likely be running both Anger of the Gods, Sweltering Suns as well as a good number of X spells where everything burns. I have some creatures in there under that threshold, some of which might go, some will certainly stay.

Any other suggestions on spells are also welcome, a well as suggestions on what to take out (with good reason).

This deck is going to be good and janky, with the general idea being that the deck almost feels explosive and doesn't always watch it for itself. Imagine if Volatile Rig was an EDH deck.

kingofheights on Diaochan, Gambling Fan.

1 year ago

Play a Radiate targeting the Fiery Gambit. 8 mana, you win the game, maybe?

Play Krark's Thumb. Everyone knows the most winningest gamblers cheat a little.

Play Planar Chaos. Play Chance Encounter.

Play Crooked Scales and Mogg Assassin. Now those are some gambling cards.

Literally play Desperate Gambit. Target Heartless Hidetsugu with it, when his ability is on the stack. This is the most correct way to play Gambit.

Play Sorcerer's Strongbox.

Play Volatile Rig.

Play Fighting Chance.

Play Mana Crypt, because it flips coins.

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Volatile Rig occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%