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The Inspector's Schedule [Izzet Artifacts]

Standard* Artifact Combo Theme/Gimmick U/R (Izzet)


Does this deck know a lot about painting? Because it sure does have a lot of arti-facts. Win the game with Reckless Fireweavers, laying down consistent damage with cheap, flexible artifacts like Prophetic Prism and the Implement of Combustion, discounted with the Foundry Inspectors.

Best case scenario is a win on turn five; the most minimalist play is as follows:

  1. Mountain
  2. Island, Reckless Fireweaver
  3. Mountain, Foundry Inspector
  4. Island, Reckless Fireweaver, Foundry Inspector
  5. Panharmonicon, Maverick Thopterist

Basically, you're setting up for the turn five; before then, you have to have two Reckless Fireweavers and two Foundry Inspectors down to be able to play the combo. The Panharmonicon is cheapened to two mana by the Foundry Inspectors, and, upon entering, triggers both Reckless Fireweavers twice, dealing four. The Maverick Thopterist is then castable with the leftover mana, and the Improvise mechanic on it. It enters, creates four thopters thanks to the Panharmonicon, with each triggering both Reckless Fireweavers twice, dealing 16 damage. There are many and more ways of getting to this point in time, each with more reliable drawing methods than this - this, I believe, is just the fewest cards you can do it in.

A crazy late-game win-con is casting Spell Swindle on your own Metalwork Colossus. Cast the Metalwork Colossus for essentially free that late on, and then counter it yourself, creating eleven treasures which can do huge amounts of damage depending on your board state, and ramp you into much bigger plays, too. Another brilliant aspect to this is that your opponent will have a lot of difficulty getting around this play; if they go to counter your Metalwork Colossus, simply put Spell Swindle on the stack countering it as well; yours will resolve first, thus you'll get the same affect and they'll have wasted a counter. If they wait to counter Spell Swindle, then you've just got a 10/10 body on the board - it's a win-win.

As for rotation, hoping for some Ravnica cards to replace key components, but if there aren't any, I'll have to convert this to modern. Any advice on that front, too, would be much appreciated!

Abrade: Essential removal in a format with aggressive pirate strategies and the like, as well as just useful all-round; effects like this were sorely missed from the old deck.

Endless Sands: Can be incredible; save your creatures from dying over time, then put them explosively back onto the battlefield. Can afford to run one of these with all the Prophetic Prisms in the deck. In most cases, it's probably better to only start using this when you feel your engine start to slow down, as a long-term recovery strategy until you can pick up the pace again.

Foundry Inspector: The main feature to the deck; this allows you to churn out artifacts for meager mana, meaning you can afford the more expensive draw spells, drawing into more artifacts and the cycle continues.

Glint-Nest Crane: Cycles through your deck for the staple artifacts; somewhat best to use when you're starting to flag a bit, as it can easily cycle one or two redundant lands back into your deck, whilst fishing out any artifact you like. Triggers with Panharmonicon.

Implement of Combustion: A fantastic means for drawing cards, and one of your staple combo pieces in the deck; they can be sacked cheaply for that little bit of extra damage and card draw, but can also be kept on the board for improvise. Cheap even without the discount.

Maverick Thopterist: Creates a few combo-ing bodies, plus the fact that with one Panharmonicon on the board, you create four Thopters, dealing eight damage if you have one Reckless Fireweaver alone. Thopters are also pretty useful for blocking until you can get a momentous move going, since they're very unlikely to be targeted by sorceries and the like.

Mechanized Production: Can completely switch up the game. As well as being an alternate win condition, it can also be used to great affect to multiply your Panharmonicons, if you need to push damage or heal quickly respectively. If you need blockers, stick it on the Metalwork Colossus, or if discounts are what you need then put it on a Foundry Inspector; an extremely versatile card. If you want to go for the win condition, either Thopters or Implement of Combustion are your best bet. Not many current decks run enchantment removal to my knowledge either, so this is a fast-ticking countdown for most any opponent.

Metalwork Colossus: On the turns wherein you've just executed a large artifact combo, this is the cherry on top, though is also useful for more stagnant turns, where a huge body like that is a great staller and threat.

Opt: Basically ensures that you're hardly ever mana screwed, and is fantastic for extra sifting of the deck.

Panharmonicon: Besides being another artifact, this creates some massive turns, and allows for combos to deal double the damage on the turns that it matters. Reckless Fireweaver benefits from this mainly, though the Prophetic Prisms and Quicksmith Rebel and Maverick Thopterists also synergise.

Prophetic Prism: The most staple artifact in the deck; allows for some combo potential and becomes cheap really quick, whilst also giving you the option of utilising a colour you elsewise might not have, and giving you a draw on top.

Quicksmith Rebel: A fantastic one-of. You're essentially paying four mana for a 3/2 body and a Shock every turn thereafter. With Panharmonicon, this transforms an otherwise dud board into a veritably intimidating threat, making use of artifacts that might otherwise be idle.

Reckless Fireweaver: Your most consistent means of damage. This chips away your opponent's life total at a rate of knots with a Panharmonicon, and pretty respectably otherwise. This is your first priority card, and should be played onto the board as soon as possible.

Spell Swindle: Amazing counterspell, if you have a Panharmonicon and Reckless Fireweaver and you counter a four-mana spell with this, you deal eight to them and get to ramp for 4 yourself.

Spire of Industry: Really useful mana fixing, and really often is triggered.

Treasure Map  : A cheap artifact, as well as a great deck-sifting tool, artifact generator and card draw system.

The sideboard cards are each pretty situational, and should probably replace the lesser important cards such as potentially Glint-Nest Cranes, Metalwork Colossus or Mechanized Production. Because you'd likely be swapping these in to deal with heavy control decks, they're just not as swaying as they might potentially be otherwise, but again, very situational, and it's really your best judgement as to what should stay or go.

Bastion Inventor: It's a surprisingly big body with Hexproof, and can conceivably be whittled down to about 1-3 mana cost. Really helps in those games where you can't get a card in edgeways, and can pretty much replace some of the Reckless Fireweavers in said matches. They likely don't have an easy answer for this card, since it's relatively underplayed currently, what with it being weaker than other cards in non-synergistic decks.

Entrancing Melody: Decent if you find yourself in a match floating a lot of mana that you'd otherwise not be using, or if there are large creatures on the board which you can't find a way of dealing with, or small useful ones which would help you out in the long run.

Metallic Rebuke: Very useful against most any deck, and could arguably be put into the main deck as it stands. Can reliably, easily be a 1-cost counterspell, helping with stalling whether it lands on what you want it to or not.

Sweltering Suns: If you find their board overwhelming, this can turn the tides fairly easily, and since you'd mostly have just artifacts out when playing this, it shouldn't affect you too much.

Release the Gremlins: Basically just if you're playing against another deck with prominent artifacts; can even be cast on yourself for a big push in the late game.

Search for Azcanta  : Provides a really cheap, effective way of dropping useless cards, as well as having an easy flip which is essentially a reusable Glint-Nest Crane.

Aetherflux Reservoir: Whilst a fantastic card, and a brilliant part of the older version of this deck, it ended up just sitting dead in my hand, as I favoured other cards. Really useful when you need to heal up, but at that point you're probably low on resources and creatures anyways, meaning this just delays the inevitable.

Cultivator's Caravan: Great in theory but a tad lax in action.

Efficient Construction: Sadly just too slow and never really a situation to play it in. Was useful when you were on the back foot and needed blockers, but at that point you'd already lost.

Gearseeker Serpent: Useful replacement for Metalwork Colossus if you didn't have any to hand, and can lay down some extra damage, but ultimately not very synergistic and, comparatively, a tad underwhelming.

Herald of Kozilek: Great body for blocking and further discounting, but in the end was too slow and filled a slot which could've been better used.

Indomitable Creativity: As the deck shifted to being slightly more aggressive, this stopped being as good, since whatever I pulled from it wouldn't have been as high-cost. Was also just too unreliable.

Inventors' Fair: Life gain proved to be negligible, and never had the mana to spare for the ability on it.

Paradoxical Outcome: Proved to be too situational and too little too late; great for the turns where you have a massive board with cheapening effects, combo pieces and a multitude of cheap artifacts, but even then cards drawn from it have a reasonable chance of being completely redundant, and on turns where you're desperate for cards you're sacrificing your board advantage for, again, potentially useless cards.

Reverse Engineer: Was wonderfully useful when the deck was designed to be slower, but as it geared towards aggro it just wasn't quick enough; replaced with Opt.

Tormenting Voice: Ended up being too slow and ultimately just not all that useful.

Burn from Within: Replaced with Entrancing Melody; a great replacement as now instead of killing the target, I can, for essentially the same cost, take control of it instead - miss out on face damage though.

Hedron Archive: Replaced with Treasure Map  , which is nowhere near the same purpose, but is a nice cheap way of making sure I get the draws I need, especially since I have lower-than-average lands. Also creates some treasures which are both great ramp and more artifacts.

Radiant Flames: Replaced with Sweltering Suns, closest thing to it really but missing out on flexibility now.

Westvale Abbey  : Proved to be not all that great in the end, replaced with an Island.

Azor's Gateway  : Could be an interesting piece; would mean the deck would have to slow down again, so maybe not too worth it, but is a fantastic long-term strategy and would work wonders with cards for which you have to pay X. Likely a sideboard card if any.

Gleaming Barrier: Whilst it looks pretty unassuming, it's an easily discountable artifact with a decent amount of toughness, which creates a treasure. Probably still too weak to see play but worth considering.

Paradox Engine: Means that as long as you can draw, you'll be able to keep the combo going. Not massively synergistic with permanents however, is a tad expensive, and also doesn't do anything when it is played.

Jhoira's Familiar: Same affect as Foundry Inspector essentially, just a tad more expensive. If this deck is still viable on rotation, this'll probably replace it, and the deck'll have to become a lot more controlling.

Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain: Is pretty self-explanatory; with some cheapening affects, this card can churn out half the deck very rapidly. Once it comes out, I think it's almost an auto-include.

Karn, Scion of Urza: Works fantastically in terms of drawing, and creating bodies out of dud artifacts; will very likely replace a Spell Swindle, as they really haven't been as effective as I'd have liked.

Saheeli Rai: Gives an ability to cycle useless cards like lands to the back of your library with scry, can also provide an extra Panharmonicon before a big turn, or whip out another Metalwork Colossus. A bit slow however, and could probably be done more reliably with other cards.

The Immortal Sun: Could make the mainboard. It cheapens things further, provides more cards for the engine, prevents planeswalkers (of which this deck has none, so only positive), and is a brilliant activator for Metalwork Colossus. Buffing creatures, too, is not too shabby at all. Could warrant the return of Inventors' Fair, and would probably replace Spell Swindle, but early days yet.

Please feel free to leave feedback and advice!


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