What a horrible night to have a curse...the moon is full... but what is crawling on the ground cannot harm me, Something's in the Heir!

Drana has decided to take a new direction. The allies have left her with a slight taste of nobility in her mouth...disgusting!

After watching both Sorin and Olivia get punked out by Nahiri, the taste for human fluids began to overcome the sly huntress.

Innistrad was left in ruins, so she decided to find a city more lively and energetic. Kaladesh seemed like the perfect choice. Humans and Dwarves were plentiful for her clan to feed on. She also didn't mind trying out some of the toys that the Inventor's Fair had to offer. It was like she had the key to the city, and nobody could stop her from slaughtering everything in her path!

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Now that you've gotten a taste for blood, it's time to seek out and drain all the Magic players in your area of their precious wins. No mercy for those who have forsaken our tribe, or to those that have hunted us. Go forth and make yourself swollen upon the blood of your enemies! (And upvote this deck!)


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