Ishkanah, Grafwidow


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon (EMN) Mythic Rare

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Ishkanah, Grafwidow

Legendary Creature — Spider


Delirium - When Ishkanah, Grafwidow enters the battlefield, if there are four or more card types among cards in your graveyard, put three 1/2 green Spider creature tokens with reach onto the battlefield.

: Target opponent loses 1 life for each Spider you control.

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Ishkanah, Grafwidow Discussion

SynergyBuild on Sultai - The Gifts that Keep on Giving

8 hours ago

Hey, mind updating the description to replace Life from the Loam with Crucible of Worlds? Also, I have had a lot of use replacing the Loams with Crucible since I saw it here, getting Eternal Witness, Academy Ruins, and Crucible of Worlds, along with either Executioner's Capsule, Walking Ballista, Nihil Spellbomb, Hangarback Walker or Pulse of Murasa.

I have found great luck with Tasigur, the Golden Fang over Ishkanah, Grafwidow, having similar beat-down finisher capabilities while also being a decent beater if you need it, while also being a great early blocker, stonewalling most aggro decks. I understand Reach is useful, and the extra spidy-spider are nice, but Tasigur's ability is pretty great for the deck.

I do sideboard the big Momma Spider, but Tasi-G is my goto in that slot, thoughts?

TheVectornaut on Spiders (G)

3 days ago

I recommend narrowing in on a strategy that spiders fit into. On one hand, you could go farther in on the Assault Formation plan with cards like Tower Defense, Kin-Tree Invocation, and Sheltering Word. There's also the option of playing more with the graveyard using Nyx Weaver, Spider Spawning, and other self-mill. Either way, I'd consider adding in ways to benefit from going tribal. Metallic Mimic, Obelisk of Urd, Door of Destinies, and Adaptive Automaton come to mind. As for spider lords, Ishkanah, Grafwidow is an obvious choice.

PlattBonnay on Tasigur Midrange

1 week ago

griffin_15 - I feel like we play very different kinds of EDH, but I'll do my best to address all your points.

First up, off colour fetchlands. Theres no value to be lost here. Sometimes they turn into shocks, and sometimes they turn into basics, but either way, they are free to put into the bin, which acts as acceleration into Tasigur. Not to mention being able to turn lands in the graveyard into card advantage or ramp with things like Life from the Loam or Splendid Reclamation. Bounce lands are almost always bad, they are slow and clunky, and playing them is just asking to get Strip Mine'd or Wasteland'd. Evolving Wilds and Terramorphic Expanse are fine on a budget, but I feel like my collection has progressed to the point where they arent good enough anymore. Overall I just want as many of my lands to enter untapped so that I can continue to progress my own board state.

As long as you consider your curve, and play enough deck filtering, you really dont need the 37-39 lands that you claim. Early game your cantrips find you lands if you need them, and late game you can turn cantrips into gas rather than just topdecking more lands. With an average CMC of less than 3, the deck doesnt need as many lands.

While Sensei's Divining Top would probably be a decent inclusion, I personally dislike the impact that it has on the pace of play, so I dont play it. Similar to my feelings on Rhystic Study. Just overall bad patterns from my experience. Thassa, God of the Sea is pretty underwhelming as an upkeep scry effect, I wouldnt want to play it outside of a voltron style deck, where you're focused on connecting with one big threat.

Topdeck manipulation isnt super important for Tasigur decks, because usually youre able to delve away all the nonsense you dont want, and put yourself in a position where you're ok with getting back anything left in the bin. Alternatively, you can use politics to your advantage, requesting that one player give you back a specific card to help deal with a problem that another player has presented.

I honestly hadn't considered the loose synergy between Grave Titan and The Scarab God, theyre just both good threats that can take over a game if they go unchecked for too long. You dont need to have them in play together for them to be worth playing. Not to mention that I am likely to be leaving up mana for Tasigur activations anyways, so holding up mana for Scarab God activations is right on theme. My goal for the deck was to primarily be a midrange deck, winning through attrition and value, and cutting cards like these means that the deck would be forced to win the game through the combo almost every time. Ishkanah, Grafwidow is here for the same reason, a midrange threat that doesnt win the game on the spot.

Mox Diamond isn't in the deck for colour fixing. Its in the deck for acceleration. Its one of the best mana rocks in the format. Not sure what else to say about that.

Languish can definitely seem like a strange card to play in EDH, but consider it in relation to the threats that I am playing. The beaters that I really want to stick around all survive it, and being able to clear out various tribal decks and token decks while maintaining my own board can be game changing. I won't disagree that its the weakest wrath in the deck, but I have found it to have enough merit to be worth its inclusion.

Cutting Pernicious Deed is something I very much disagree with. Wraths are important, and wraths that hit everything are almost essential. You're going to be behind in 60-75% of the time in EDH, so sometimes you just need to reset the board. I dont quite understand the logic of not playing something because it "draws hate". You want to play cards that "draw hate", because that response means that you're having a real impact on the game. Having people play around deed, politic for advantage, and know how to rebuild post-deed leads to games that I find to be interesting and engaging.

I dont mean to shoot down your suggestions, I just think that we are evaluating cards differently, and I didnt really put enough effort into the description of the deck to properly describe my goals for it, so you didnt have enough information to go on.

griffin_15 on Tasigur Midrange

1 week ago

To start, Wooded Foothills, Windswept Heath, Scalding Tarn, Marsh Flats, Flooded Strand, and Bloodstained Mire are all fetch for lands that you can't run in this deck, you're losing value there. I would instead run the bounce lands in those colors, Dimir Aqueduct, Simic Growth Chamber, and Golgari Rot Farm. If you're really looking for that mana fixing, obviously the go to Evolving Wilds and Terramorphic Expanse. From looking at your decks, you seem to build a lot of 4-5 color EDH, from someone who plays quite a few 3 colored decks, colors aren't that big of an issue. 37-39 is really the range of lands to stay in, whereas you have 34. I know you'll have to cut more in other areas to hit that, but it will help with mana issues if you have them. I would look into adding the Scry lands; Temple of Deceit, Temple of Mystery, and Temple of Malady. Tasigur is all about top deck manipulation, so free scry is nice. Again, I'm not helping with the cutting, but Thassa, God of the Sea and a Sensei's Divining Top would be great additions for top deck manipulation. As for cuts, Grave Titan and The Scarab God.I see the synergy of zombie creation, leading to scry-ability, but I just don't see that paying off in the way you want. The likelihood of having both of them out, creating zombies, and the table allowing that to continue is low. There just isn't a whole lot of Zombie synergy in the deck, and you're losing value there. I went on quite a bit above talking about mana fixing, with that in mind, Mox Diamond just seems excessive. You have a Command Tower, you have a lot of dual lands, while a high-value card, maybe not as necessary here. The next one I would go with is Languish. You have a ton of answers, and this one is the weakest. I would put it in the sideboard, that way if you're playing against a token deck or other low-powered creature deck, it has great value as a wrath, but otherwise, it might just be a dead card. Another card would be Impulse while top deck manipulation is very valuable in this deck, a one-off Impulse, when you could have other repeatable top deck manipulation, isn't as valuable and it can probably be taken out. In a similar vein to Languish, I would cut Pernicious Deed. People don't like being held hostage, and on deck board wipes like Pernicious Deed or Oblivion Stone or Nevinyrral's Disk etc, all draw a lot of hate. People are going to come at you and try to force you to crack it. Unless you're going to play it, and immediately wrath, it's going to draw hate your way, and people are going to try to force your hand, I'd cut that. Also, similar to Grave Titan and The Scarab God, Ishkanah, Grafwidow can be cut. He'd be great in a spider's tribal deck, but paying 6 and a black for draining someone 4 life is fairly low value, unless you want your primary win-con to be the Deadeye Navigator+Peregrine Drake+Ishkanah, Grafwidow. Like, that's a cool combo, but Deadeye Navigator is so widely known to be an infinite mana machine, people will be throwing whatever they can at him to get him out of the game.

Burhan on Spider Safari

1 week ago


Thanks for the suggestions! I origanally intended to put Ishkanah, Grafwidow in this deck. However, I felt that her delirium ability wouldn't trigger often. Spider decks with Ishkanah are usually graveyard decks with spiders such as Nyx Weaver. I am not that fond of self mill strategies, hence I left her out. I definitely want to add Juvenile Gloomwidow as it synergizes with Obelisk Spider and is a great 2 drop, but I don't know what to switch out for. Crumbling Ashes is a great card but again, I don't know what to switch out for.

hydrothermia on Spider Safari

1 week ago

Welcome to Tapped Out!

You can have a lot more fun with this if add a few other cards, specifically something like Conspiracy to make everything a spider subtype. Ishkanah, Grafwidow, Frostweb Spider, Graverobber Spider, Juvenile Gloomwidow, Renowned Weaver, Penumbra Spider and Spider Spawning would be good additions to this. I'd also use Elves of Deep Shadow with your Llanowar Elves so you have another mana producer. You could also use Blowfly Infestation or Crumbling Ashes go with the -1/-1 counters.

Skinken on Thantis' Swarmyard

1 month ago

I will inform you that Regrowth was recently reprinted and is thus a strictly better inclusion than recollect for at most 0.50$. I can't quite make out if you are trying to make a Spider deck or a good old "jund-em" deck or a lands matter deck.

For spider tribal flavor you should get yourself an Ishkanah, Grafwidow.

For lands you should get the great lands-matter cards The Gitrog Monster, Borborygmos Enraged.

For group slug "hit me" strategy add some payoff like Ophiomancer and No Mercy.

For an actual artifact build with Glissa, the Traitor consider changing the commander to Shattergang Brothers.

T12H on Sultai - The Gifts that Keep on Giving

2 months ago


Glad you like it. Yeah 61 cards is kinda my thing lol always run one extra. But yeah I noticed that it does need a finisher main board besides locking out opponents. I had tireless in the original list but the fact that our creature count is so low they always had an extra removal to kill it. If you notice on my last “update” I talk about winning some games with a main board batterskull (I took out countersqual for it). It works great with academy and also doesn’t matter if they have removal. You can always bounce it or equip it to a witness/snap. So I really liked that. But also to make traverse a finisher I just added Ishkanah, Grafwidow. I haven’t got to play at a locals with it yet. But it seems pretty sweet because it can kinda stabilize the board while also great to recur with lily, pulse of murasa, or witness. Maybe test that out and let me know how you feel.

Let me know anymore if you have questions!

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