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They laughed at my ideas. They called me mad!

Commander / EDH Battlecruiser Exile Spellslinger Storm Tokens UR (Izzet)


"You fancy me mad. Could a madman have used a bulk rare from MKM to put their entire library on the stack?"


"Shut up, Alquist."

Greatness at any cost.

'Ello! This deck is all about being an unethical mad scientist the likes of which the world has never seen since Cave Johnson. Sacrifice your creatures for value! Laugh maniacally! Kill your opponents with unnecessarily big plays and incredibly shoddy master plans! Don't make lemonade! Cackle evily! Realize that your entire gameplan is shot with a single removal spell! Ignore the last one! Chortle reprehensibly! And remember to SHOW THEM ALL!

"Show them what?"

"You know, like, stuff."

It lives! IT LIVES!

Okay, I'm over the "How many synonyms for 'evil laugh' can Made_Compleat come up with" gag. Now for some actual advice. You'll want to use the deck's moderate ramp package to get up to seven mana relatively quickly. On the way, make sure that you're generating tokens. Deekah, Fractal Theorist, Elminster's Simulacrum, and Poppet Stitcher   are all great ways to do this. Creatures with big power, such as Malignus, and value engines, such as Archmage Emeritus, are also important plays here. Once you have your setup, it's it's time to spin the wheels.

I'll show them! I'LL SHOW THEM ALL!

You've got your tokens. You've got your setup. Now it's showtime. Cast Kylox. Move to combat. He's got haste, so you can attack immediately. Sacrifice everything on your board except for the value engines. You should be looking at power around the mid-20s going into Kylox's ability. Exile the cards and watch that sweet, sweet value roll in.

The hour is at hand. I shall have my VENGANCE!

You're attacking with Kylox. Trigger. Exile something along the lines of half your library. Passionate Archaeologist in this situation means you win. Bonus Round precombat can get you a ton of value. But the biggie is Grapeshot. If you exile this or if you have it in hand after Kylox's ability resolves, you can take everyone out with a nuclear death laser. Finally, the appropriate amount of force to demonstrate your monk! Perfect for anyone who's getting into The Prince. Go ahead. Make Wheatly proud.


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