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"You Wouldn't Steal a Car" is the first sentence of a public service announcement that debuted on July 27th, 2004, which was part of the anti-copyright infringement campaign "Piracy. It's a crime." It was created by the Federation Against Copyright Theft and the Motion Picture Association of America in cooperation with the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore, and appeared in theaters internationally from 2004 until 2007, and on many commercial DVDs during the same period as a clip before the main menu or other previews appear, as either an unskippable or skippable video.

The announcement depicts either a girl trying to illegally download a movie or a gang attempting to buy movies from a bootlegger interwoven with clips of a man committing theft of various objects, and compares these crimes to the unauthorized duplication and distribution of copyrighted materials, such as films. According to the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic, the announcement was unsuccessful, and was largely a source of ridicule. Likewise, a 2022 behavioral economics paper published in The Information Society found the PSAs may have increased piracy rates. By 2009, over 100 parodies of the announcement had been created. It was reported that the music in the announcement was stolen and used without permission. However, one source disputes this, saying the reporting is the result of conflation regarding a different anti-piracy ad that used stolen music


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