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A REAL $25 BUDGET EDH (Credit to Sargeras)

Commander / EDH Budget Mono-Black Multiplayer


Credit goes out to Sargeras for his list that I took an awful lot from, look at it here: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/edh-budget-challenge-20-mono-black-control/. I made this because I saw Sargeras's deck had potential for greatness, but it was in my opinion A) too expensive, in that it cost over $35, and B) not very cohesive, as it didn't go all in on the sac strategy. The price probably does not NEED to be this low for the average player; however, I find myself in the peculiar situation that I need a deck under $25. I am going off the assumption here that you don't have any cards from the deck already or any extra Commander staples lying around, and are buying literally everything from TCGPlayer (like I'm going to do.) Probably needs a few other cheap sac outlets.


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