EDH/Commander Gallowbraid Voltron
Mono-Black damage = loss of life

Gallowbraid wants to trample over things, as would be expected, but he also wants you to pay a lot of life--and enjoy it.

  • VOLTRON: Help Gallowbraid be more of a threat when attacking all the time by Voltroning him out. He's already got trample, so big buffs like Argentum Armor and protective equipment like Lightning Greaves make him a large, non-targetable target. Also, things like Accorder's Shield give him vigilance for cheap, and things like Sword of Vengeance give him vigilance plus other stuff, making him able to swing and still block during other turns.
  • LIFEGAIN: Each of your turns that Gallowbraid stays on the field will cost you one more life than the turn before. Therefore a lot of lifegain is included in this deck to compensate. Ideally, we want to keep Gallowbraid out for a long time with him getting killed, and this may end up costing a lot of life.
  • REANIMATOR: As a back-up plan, there is also a bit of recursion in this deck, so that you can refuse to pay his cumulative upkeep, let him die and then just bring him back from the graveyard to your hand for cheap. This will also avoid increasing commander taxes. The recursion stuff can also be used for other things, to, of course.
  • OVERKILL: Our commander is voltroning and attacking, but with multiple opponents, getting commander damage in on all of them may be tough. While you chip away at them, you're also chipping away at yourself, making it a race to the bottom that you don't want to win. Therefore these cards can help you set up one-shot-kills and other devastating attacks that can get you closer to victory more quickly.
  • REMOVAL: Now we get into the basics of every EDH deck. The removal here is cheap and effective, that's it. Things like Defile and Walk the Plank hit a wide variety of targets very effectively. Meanwhile cards like In Garruk's Wake take advantage of the ramp this deck should generate to wipe the board and still leave you with an advantage.
  • DRAW & TUTOR: Every EDH deck needs draw power--the ability to draw extra cards when you need/want them. Tutoring is also very nice. A lot of the draw in this deck, like Necropotence and Bolas's Citadel , takes advantage of the life-loss/lifegain themes already in the deck. Other things like Infiltration Lens and Grim Haruspex take advantage of other events this deck is sure to come across, like being blocked, or losing your commander.
  • RAMP: Beyond the basic stuff you'd expect to find in someone's ramp package, this deck also has mana-doublers like Nirkana Revenant and Crypt Ghast , as well as Liliana of the Dark Realms to pull swamps out of your deck.
  • LANDS: Cards like Evolving Wilds and Myriad Landscape help Liliana get you more swamps and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth turns everything, everywhere into a swamp. Rogue's Passage helps Gallowbraid attack and Sanctum of Eternity can keep him safe or help you avoid his cumulative upkeep. Finally, Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx is always good ramp, and Reliquary Tower helps you keep all the cards you draw.


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