This deck tries to exploit the sacrificing engine to control the board. Usually finishes using Abyssal Persecutor (solving the drawback sacrificing it), Obliterator or Gray Merchant of Asphodel.

I think the cards in this deck must fit into 3 requirements;

1. Create advantage (or don't mind much) when itself dies:

Gravecrawler - Cheap to cast and to return from GY. In early game, its fast. In late game, can be sacrificed multiple times each turn.

Geralf's Messenger - Deal a minimum of 4 damage when sacrificed once. "Flashback" it with Lily or Relentless Dead!

Abyssal Persecutor - When sacrificed, in fact, we solve the drawback.

Bitterblossom - Generate bodies (to be sacrificed) each turn.

Relentless Dead - Nice recursion, devotion and helps Gravecrawler and can return Geralf's Messenger.

2. Create advantage when others creatures dies:

Blood Artist

Grave Pact - incredible board control.

3. Sac outlets (usually with a advantage associated):

Viscera Seer - Major enabler.

Bloodthrone Vampire - Cheaper and faster than Nantuko Husk, can eat the crawlers, faeries and Geralfs to attack or to become a nasty blocker.

Phyrexian Obliterator - Devotion for Nykthos. A tricky problem for the opponent.

Altar's Reap - The drawback isn't that bad for the deck - can even help to avoid exile removals.

The removals:

Go for the Throat - One of bests removals in format.

Tragic Slip - Morbid triggers all the time.

Hero's Downfall - Wide range removal, to deal with planeswalkers.

Others functions of the enablers/removals are solve the Abyssal Persecutor drawback and to avoid exiling removals targeting recursive creatures, such Path to Exile on Gravecrawler.

Tools to help minimize Monoblack drawbacks:

Mind Slash - because the best time to remove enchantment/artifact is before they hit the battlefield. Duress is in the SB if you need more speed.

Phyrexian Arena - 'Kind-of-broken' draw engine. A personal black staple.

Due the nice devotion, Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx works quite well.

Bojuka Bog - Graveyard hate.Duress and Mind Slash- Combo hate.Imp's Mischief - Burn, Combo, Control hate.Mutilate and Drown in Sorrow - Minions hate. Blood Artist thanks.Hero's Downfall - Planeswalker hate and creature removal enforcement.card:Small Pox - Aggro, Valakut and TRON hate. -
Content will be here. Soon. I hope.


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