Kheru Spellsnatcher


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2019 (C19) Rare
Khans of Tarkir (KTK) Rare

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Kheru Spellsnatcher

Creature — Naga Wizard

Morph (You may cast this card face down as a 2/2 creature for . Turn it face up any time for its morph cost.)

When Kheru Spellsnatcher is turned face up, counter target spell. If that spell is countered this way, exile it instead of putting it into its owner's graveyard. You may cast that card without paying its mana cost for as long as it remains exiled.

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Kheru Spellsnatcher Discussion

Metachemist on Om nom Trample

2 months ago

With the 2019 Commander decks coming out, one of which is morph themed, watch out for Voidmage Apprentice Stratus Dancer and worst of all Kheru Spellsnatcher in response to your K. Grip! Also love all the updates to the deck, it looks great!

doodkyle on If I cast my opponent's ...

3 months ago

If I use Kheru Spellsnatcher to counter a creature card, then I cast that creature, and then that creature dies, does the creature go to my opponent's graveyard or mine?

triproberts12 on

7 months ago

It is a fun theme, for sure. Since you've put Ramos as the commander, an on-theme card you might want is Dragon's Hoard . Fixing and a cantrip as soon as you cast Ramos? Yes, please. Bonehoard and Kothophed, Soul Hoarder are both good and on-theme, too.

Aethersnatch and Kheru Spellsnatcher could be good, and you should have the mana sitting around to play them when the opportunity arises.

Thief of Sanity , Notion Thief , and Fortune Thief are all in Grixis.

Trash for Treasure and Treasure Nabber could be good if you incorporate an artifact theme, and if you want to go deeper on the graveyard, Treasure Cruise goes well with Trash For Treasure and Bonehoard if you want to fill the graveyard.

Faithless Looting is always good, and Looter il-Kor is a pet card of mine. Merfolk Looter is okay, as well. Smuggler's Copter might be stretching the theme, but Thada Adel, Acquisitor is both flavorful and fits the theme and an artifact subtheme.

It's not a great mana rock, but Gold Myr helps you splash white, and the flavor is spot-on, same for Silver Myr . Secrets of the Golden City is an underrated commander card, and you shouldn't have much trouble turning on the city's blessing. Again, if you put in some graveyard shennanigans and looting, Tasigur, the Golden Fang is as greedy as they come. Debtors' Knell goes well with graveyards and control, too.

Villainous Wealth just oozes flavor.

Price of Fame is flavorful, and it takes out commanders like a champ. Price of Glory can wreck certain decks, and you'll be mostly unaffected from your current list.

Increasing Ambition is pretty good, especially if you're going for a combo finish.

[email protected]_only on It's Animorphin' time!

8 months ago

love the deck - Vesuvan Shapeshifter is one of my all-time faves!

odd cards you might consider:

Obscuring AEther and / or Dream Chisel - cost for morph reduction

Primordial Mist and / or Whisperwood Elemental - card "draw", free morph each turn

Secret Plans and / or Aphetto Runecaster - card draw for morphing

Trail of Mystery and / or Salt Road Ambushers - Creature boost for turning face up

Ixidor, Reality Sculptor - alternate morph cost, morph roiding

Voidmage Apprentice and / or Kheru Spellsnatcher - counterspell that doesn't require sacing a creature

Jeskai Infiltrator - free morphing draw when it hits

Thousand Winds - mass bounce

Caerwyn on How are spells with the ...

11 months ago

legendofa's response is a bit incomplete, ignoring the fact there are two situations where "can't be countered" is inferior to Split Second:

  1. Triggered abilities. Split Second only prevents players from activating non-mana abilities. It does not prevent a triggered ability from occurring--such as the ability of Decree of Silence.

  2. Morph. Morph is a very odd little ability--it is a special action that does not use the stack, and thus can be activated even when a spell with Split Second is on the stack. So, a card such as Kheru Spellsnatcher can counter a spell with Split Second, but could not a card that can't be countered.

jessniem on I want to build a ...

1 year ago

ducttapedeckbox I loveMuldrotha, the Gravetide! So much that I actually already have a deck with her. Feel free to come with feedback or steal some ideas!

I would like this deck to be more controlling without being a stax deck. I would like this deck to be focused on instants and sorceries more than creatures. So pirates doesn't feel right. Yasova Dragonclaw seems fun but since we already have one in out playgroup I won't built her.

Kheru Spellsnatcher sounds like card for me. Interesting and I have actually been thinking that it would be fun with a lot of morphs.

ducttapedeckbox on I want to build a ...

1 year ago

What kind of budget are we talking?

Your second to last paragraph screams Muldrotha, the Gravetide to me (probably biased because that's what I'm building). You're constantly re-using your permanents and removal, and you can run things like Hostage Taker and Kheru Spellsnatcher to steal opponent's things, and then reuse them!

Some other commanders that come to mind are Admiral Beckett Brass and Yasova Dragonclaw which allow you to continually steal opponent's creatures. Plus the are in the colors you were thinking.

Do any of those sound appealing?

Caerwyn on when does the ability "storm" ...

1 year ago

Flusterstorm is cast and goes on the stack targeting your opponent's spell (let's say they cast Lightning Bolt. Storm then triggers, and you get to copy Flusterstorm--these copies go directly on the stack and are not cast.

The copies will resolve first, meaning they're gone for good--you can't "save" spells that are on the stack for future use.* Your opponent will have to pay for each copy that resolves, until they can't, in which case the Lightning Bolt is countered and the remaining copies/original Flusterstorm fizzle because they lack a valid target.

What makes Flusterstorm such a good spell is (a) it can be used on turn 1 to delay an opponent; (b) it can pretty easily get out of control--if you've cast two other spells, you're getting the already decent Mana Leak for just ; and (c) you can sometimes counter multiple spells at once with it, provided there are multiple spells to target.

*This statement is not 100% accurate, as you can "save" a spell on the stack with either Delay or Kheru Spellsnatcher. But those are very specific situations not relevant to your question.

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Kheru Spellsnatcher occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%