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Magic has always been a sort of Meditation for me, in a small way, it is very Zen to sit and plan a deck or envision new combos.

My Play-Style

  • is my favourite colour combination.

  • Tribal is my favourite deck archetype; with Elves being my favourite Tribal Creature.

  • I favor enchantments in almost every deck I build; I enjoy using unique combos to cause interesting effects.

My Decks

All of the decks that I currently own are featured on my profile. All of my other decks are either ideas that I have, or decks that I used to own.

I do have a lot of decks that are currently prototype and will be released in the coming weeks. I often work on decks with other people, lending advice or ideas.

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Said on Yahenni of the ......



Thanks for your suggestions.

  • As you've mentioned, the deck is low on draw power; it makes up for it by running quite a few tutor cards. If draw power is required, you can tutor for Smothering Abomination as a direct and efficient source of draw-power. To be entirely honest, both Necropotence and Phyrexian Arena being passive draw abilities does not help the deck to be as fast as it needs to be. The deck requires a lot of active abilities to be activated, creating a heavy mana-sink at times; because of this, both cards would not make a cut (in my honest opinion).

  • As for your "suprise win" suggestion...: Tainted Strike > Hatred

  • Neither Damnation or Decree of Pain will trigger "sacrifice" specific triggers (such as It That Betrays). If you're truly worried about large boards, there is already control in the form of Archfiend of Depravity.

  • Ophiomancer and Curse of Shallow Graves are too slow to be useful. Additionally, Curse of Shallow Graves can only effect one player, making is all the more useless to this deck.

  • Mikaeus, the Unhallowed neither suits the deck, nor would I be willing to spend the ~$30(CAD) for a card that is going to be targeted before I can get any use out of it. This is the same reason I choose not to run "sacrifice staples" such as Sheoldred, Whispering One; she will just get removed before I get any good use out of her.

  • Whispersilk Cloak prevents interaction with Yahenni, which is a key part to the deck. Unfortunately, despite your opinion, the unblockable is in fact not worth it.

This deck is loads of fun to play and to play against; I do appreciate the time you took to write your comment and offer suggestions.

October 22, 2017 3:55 p.m.


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