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Magic has always been a sort of Meditation for me, in a small way, it is very Zen to sit and plan a deck or envision new combos.

My Play-Style

  • is my favourite colour combination.

  • Tribal is my favourite deck archetype; with Elves being my favourite Tribal Creature.

  • I favor enchantments in almost every deck I build; I enjoy using unique combos to cause interesting effects.

My Decks

All of the decks that I currently own are featured on my profile. All of my other decks are either ideas that I have, or decks that I used to own.

I do have a lot of decks that are currently prototype and will be released in the coming weeks. I often work on decks with other people, lending advice or ideas.

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Looking good so far, glad you ended up posting it.

Cloven Casting is good and does a fantastic job, however, I worry about you becoming mana starved, try Swarm Intelligence instead for better results. Furthermore, if you're interested in keeping the curve low, try out Pyromancer Ascension.

January 7, 2018 2:41 a.m.


Rhys, Sheltered Redemption

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