Do you love tribal decks?

Do you want to play a consistent deck that rewards tight gameplay?

Do you love Elves, but also love grinding out opponents when the game goes long?

If you answered yes to one or more questions, then G/B Elves is the right deck for you!

Let's look at the cards in the deck.


Heritage Druid - Probably the most important one drop in the deck. It can easily lead to some of the most broken plays in the deck because of its ability to make tons of mana. Synergizes particularly well with Nettle Sentinel.

Elves of Deep Shadow - A recent addition to the deck. Enables use to play black spells with a Blood Moon on the table and makes it easier to hit black mana throughout the game.

Other mana dorks- Elvish Mystic and Llanowar Elves - Both tap for . If we have 2 lands and a mana dork in our opening hand, we can often play an elf lord on turn 2 or Collected Company on turn 3.

Dwynen's Elite - A 2/2 bear that usually brings a friend. It really helps when trying to go wide for Shaman of the Pack or Ezuri, Renegade Leader. If you have it in your opening hand along with two lands and Heritage Druid you can play Heritage Druid turn 1, and Dwynen's Elite turn 2, then make to play a lord or any other green creatures.

Elvish Clancaller - Another lord for the deck. I honestly thought it looked underwhelming at first, but after play-testing it really carried its weight. It adds another threat to the board, makes our team bigger, and can create card advantage if we untap with it.

Ezuri, Renegade Leader - One of the best win-cons in a deck. He is great for overrunning opponents on a final swing and he is able to regenerate other elves if need be. We only play two of him because he is legendary.

Elvish Archdruid - Pumps the team and makes tons of mana. He is one of the best creatures that we run in the deck. If we untap with it on the board, he usually wins the game.

Shaman of the Pack - The reason we run black. This creature usually does 4 damage or more when it comes into play. It is one of the best creatures to hit with Collected Company or to tutor out with a Chord of Calling.

Non-Elf Creatures

Scavenging Ooze - Run mainboard to help in G1 against dredge or any other deck with graveyard synergies. Also good against burn, phoenix, and any other decks that fill our yard with dead elves.

Getting More Elves

Two of the most important cards in the deck are Collected Company and Lead the Stampede.

Collected Company - Filters through your deck and gets out the best available Elves at instant speed. With 35 creatures in the deck, it usually hits two or more creatures.

Lead the Stampede - Refill our hand and helps us keep pumping out creatures. Great to play after a timely Terminus


Sideboards should be adapted to fit your local meta, but this is the current sideboard that I am running.

Reclamation Sage - This second copy is brought in against decks with problematic enchantments or artifacts.

Scavenging Ooze - Brought in against decks like dredge that run a lot of graveyard synergies. Also, the lifegain is relevant against decks that like to race us like burn.

Fracturing Gust - Brought in against affinity or enchantment heavy decks. Being instant speed is particularly good. The lifegain is an added bonus.

Damping Sphere - Great against storm, tron, amulet titan and any other greedy land-based decks.

Lead the Stampede - One more copy for grindy matches.

I hope that you enjoyed reading about my elf deck. Please give it a +1 if you like the list.

If you are looking for a more budget, mono green elf list to get into modern, check out the original version of this deck-

Also, I previously ran an Abzan version based around Chord of Calling. That list can be viewed here- Abzan Elves


Updates Add

I have tuned my sideboard a bit for my local meta. This sideboard lines up closer to what Jeff Hoogland and other G/B elves decks have in the sideboard.

+2 Surgical Extraction +1 Scavenging Ooze +3 Dismember +1 Damping Sphere +1 Lead the Stampede

-4 Leyline of the Void -2 Assassin's Trophy -2 Thoughtseize


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