Dubffinity: Bringing suffering to our foes through the power of W/U/B(s)

Magnum OpusPresenting Dubffinity, or W/U/B Affinity, my "Magnum Opus" which is an atypical Affinity build that does not focus on hard aggro but rather attempts to eliminate threats before utilizing an infect or beat down strategy to achieve victory. To date the deck has lost no battles of attrition due to its value pulls and abnormal card advantage. Credit to my friend 18bobman who came up with the Deck's primary name 'Dubffinity', due to the former Skrillex-esque Dark Confidant present in the deck.


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Ghost Quarters: Run this in counter to Valakut, Tron, and Eldrazi strategies. Usually substitute with Inkmoth Nexus to avoid disrupting the mana pool.

Disenchant: Our solution to card:Stoney Silence or card:Bloodmoon. This will often go into a flex slot, such as Dark Confidant, versus most aggro strategies which run these cards. It is important that we ensure a Mox Opal or Plains is on the field as early as possible to get Disenchant live.

Inquisition of Kozilek: Don't know what our opponent is playing? Then cast Inquisition of Kozilek! Usually replacing Dark Confidant, we play this against any heavy control/combo decks to give us more time and much needed knowledge.

Ancient Grudge: For use in the mirror match or to beat out Lantern Control's Ensnaring Bridge.

Tormod's Crypt: Effective versus: Dredge, and Decks utilizing Snapcaster.

Whipflare: For those decks that go wide, Whipflare will easily clear away goblins, tokens, and anything with two toughness. Make sure you side out Bitterblossom for this, as it will kill our Faeries.

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Information as well as other pieces regarding previously utilized cards within the deck which I have found to be no longer viable, but, may be of use to you for the purpose of mastery and brewery.


A list of links for where I've done my research to build the Deck, some sources also include inspiration for the construction of the Deck.

MtgGoldfish, Affinity Deck

MtgSalvation, Affinity Mod:eAn Primer

MtgSalvation, Affinity Legacy Primer

Youtube, Tolarian Community College Affinity Guide

By subbing out the land base with Artifact lands, Dubffinity becomes a capable Legacy deck which has won 2nd place at FNM.

Thank you for your time; may you draw well in future matches!


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