Hello fellow Planeswalkers, today I am showcasing a deck I have been working on for a while now and it's something I like to call Lurrus Delirium Shadow. I am utilizing Lurrus of the Dream-Den since it fits so amazingly with the deck. I also utilize Grim Flayer & Dragon's Rage Channeler to get cards into my graveyard more effectively for Traverse the Ulvenwald and also to pump themselves. Traverse can then be used to tutor our Death's Shadow or any lands in a pinch. We have dropped the plains dual lands from the deck entirely.

Delirium is a keyword that received some much needed Modern love in MH2. When there are 4 or more different card types in your Graveyard, cards with Delirium gain additional stats or effects. This makes these cards worth more value overall that their Mana Value.

  • 3x Traverse the Ulvenwald effectively grants our deck 7 copies of Death's Shadow (since that is your primary search target). This adds so much consistency to the deck.
  • 4x Dragon's Rage Channeler Surveils for you whenever you cast a non-creature spell, making turning the Delirium on that much easier. Plus it becomes a better Delver of Secrets   when Delirium is active.
  • 2x Grim Flayer is an Eldritch Moon favorite of mine. A Trample Bear that can Surveil on player damage. He gets +2/+2 when Delirium is active.
Similar to how Grixis functions, we're looking to damage ourselves to make our Death's Shadow bigger for the midgame.

Mishra's Bauble actually works really well in our favor. A free spell then nets us draw and knowledge. Your opponent just used a scry and you want to know what it is? Not sure if you should use your fetch? Bauble is there to help you out! Plus, Lurrus can get them back for you for some recurring card advantage!

Traverse the Ulvenwald is there to tutor our Shadow or lands in a pinch for 1 CMC for added consistency.

A single Night's Whisper provides some solid card draw and payment of 2 life.

  • Dismember helps with the Phyrexian Mana and provide some mainboard removal.
  • Fatal Push provides solid removal and works well with all our Fetch Lands.
  • Lightning Bolt is good for removal and for finishing games.

I hope you enjoyed this deck as it's a really spicy deck to play with. I have been slowly evolving this deck over the past few years and it has become one of my favorite Modern decks!


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