Who says a tribe needs to be creatures? Dingus shows up on two cards and that's good enough for me!

Summon the might of your tribe by playing Dingus Egg and Dingus Staff. Use Nature's Revolt to turn lands into creatures. Use Pestilence to destroy the land creatures and trigger the Dingi.

This deck is part of my Pre-Y2K series, so every card in it was originally printed in 1999 or earlier.

In theory, it's pretty simple. We want to let our opponent play lands while we don't die. Then, play Dingus Egg and Dingus Staff to utterly confuse our opponents. They'll see the Egg and assume Armageddon is coming next, so they'll be quite surprised when we play Nature's Revolt to turn all their lands into creatures. Then we play Pestilence to kill all their creature lands. This lets us trigger both Dingus Egg and Dingus Staff for extra damage. (In professional circles this is called the "Double Dingus".)

We rely on non-land sources of mana so we don't get hit by our own Dingi quite as hard. Tinker and Demonic Tutor help us find the (many) pieces we need to go off. Gush, Tidal Bore, and Trade Routes let us return lands to our hand so we take less damage and preserve them for later, if needed. Wall of Roots means our Pestilence will likely stick around to discourage opponents from playing new lands.

On the off chance all of this actually works and we don't kill our opponent, we have Black Vise to finish the job.


It's just way too slow, even for casual, and I'm resisting turning it into a control deck. Normally opponents have plenty of time to either kill us before they even know what we're doing, or plenty of time and resources to react. For now, I have Force of Will in the sideboard, but I'm probably not going to move them to the main.

My original version was a general land destruction deck, but that was somehow worse.

I'd be delighted to hear suggestions for improving the deck, but I want to keep it to cards originally printed in 1999 or earlier, and I don't want to spend any money on it. (So the suggestion of "just add 4x Ancestral Recall and all the Moxes" would solve the problem, but is not helpful.)

The best case I've found as I've been testing is having the pieces assembled around turn 9. Not exactly speedy considering how many Vintage-restricted cards are here. I have actually gotten the combo assembled a few times, but it's not always enough to take out an opponent in one go. Then it becomes an awkward stalemate while I try to find Black Vise and hope they don't have an answer.

If you're looking to be competitive, this deck isn't it.

Q: Why not just play Armageddon?

A: 1. That would be too easy. 2. Pestilence is (usually) repeatable.

Q: Why 4x Demonic Tutor?

A: I was running 4x Enlightened Tutor, but figured I could cut white and run 4x Demonic Tutor instead, since the deck isn't close to legal in any format anyway.

Q: Why Tidal Bore? Surely there are better options...

A: For some, reason I have 52 foil Tidal Bores. It seems a shame to not use at least one.


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