Sylvan Primordial

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Format Legality
Archenemy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Sylvan Primordial

Creature — Avatar


When Sylvan Primordial enters the battlefield, for each opponent, destroy target noncreature permanent that player controls. For each permanent destroyed this way, search your library for a Forest card and put that card onto the battlefield tapped. Then shuffle your library.

aantosh on Roon To Grow

5 months ago

I use to run a Roon bounce house back when Sylvan Primordial was still legal in commander.

My engines were

Venser, the Sojourner / Deadeye Navigator / Restoration Angel / Conjurer's Closet

I would blink cards like Stonehorn Dignitary and Coiling Oracle

You're looking for strong ETB triggers like Reflector Mage and recursion like the cards mentioned above or creatures like Temur Sabertooth

This is a high synergy for value deck, and it can be a ton of fun to play.

Basshunter on The Milloplasm

5 months ago

Hey mate, the Sylvan Primordial is banned in EDH. I dont know why tappedout says something else..

See this link:

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Scute^10

10 months ago

The general idea is pretty cool, but I have some thoghts:

Generally speaking, 21 lands is far too few. You have multiple ways to tutor for lands, and you still want to play one per turn. 25 or 26 is the minimum amount to play here, and I could argue for more.

Rootweaver Druid is great in 4-player games because you get three lands while everybody else gets two. In a 1v1 game, it's simply a terrible card. If your opponent takes the deal, they get two lands, while you get one. If they don't take the deal, you just played a really bad creature. Both options are bad. Maybe play woodelves instead?

Veteran Explorer is powerful, but you have no way of killing it on purpose, so it's up to your opponent to kill it. Sakura-Tribe Elder is worlds better here.

Lastly, Champion of Lambholt and Sylvan Primordial surely work here, but these would be the first I'd kick for more lands, with the next being Migratory Greathorn. It's a fine card, but due to your low creature count, you propably won't have too many chances of using its mutate ability.

Lastly: You already ramp like hell, so why not use more landfall? Rampaging Baloths is one hell of a card, a great curve topper, and can bd redundancy for your swarm in case somewhat has Night of Souls' Betrayal.

To summarize: You should kick Rootweaver Druid, Migratory Greathorn, Veteran Explorer, Champion of Lambholt and Sylvan Primordial. You should add in woodelves (or something comparable), Sakura-Tribe Elder, Rampaging Baloths, and something between five and nine forests.


1 year ago

Here and here.

As someone who enjoys high power play, stax, and other things often considered degenerate, I say "good riddance". Any card that can singlehandedly turn you into the archenemy is not healthy or very fun. It's why Leovold was banned, why Sylvan Primordial was banned, and, honestly, half the commander banlist.

TriusMalarky on Will WotC Use Phyrexian Mana …

1 year ago

The MH2 Artifact Lands enter tapped. That's big enough to balance them. See, affinity wants busted turn one plays, and these don't allow for that. While they still get busted turn two plays, they aren't able to be nearly as aggressive as they could be with the OG Artifact lands, which prevents the artifact lands from being actually problematic.

Storm requires a ton of support to be good, and even then it still needs a good storm card. You need mana generation of the correct colors, you need good engines to keep casting spells, and you need good enough cantrips for the combo to function. Most of the new storm cards are green and white. White, obviously, has none of the things needed for storm to work. Green doesn't either. The only new storm card that's good as a win con is the Squirrel one, which is hard to make work in Modern, but has been breaking Pauper. I believe they forgot to think of Pauper when making that one. But the rest are totally fine because what they do isn't inherently broken.

Pitch Spells, like Force of Will or the Incarnations, and the Pacts are all fully balanced. They are good because they provide an effect for a significant non-mana cost(or, in the case of pacts, a delayed mana cost) for a playable effect. These are the cards that prevent format warping. Why? Because it's incredibly difficult to justify running them if they don't answer a commonly seen threat, such as way-too-early comboing. The cost is just too great to counter Path to Exile with Force of Negation outside of specific board states.

The commander-based free spells, IMO, are mistakes. They're passable because the commander format is typically 4 players, meaning that whatever you can do, it's probably not better than what 3 players can do. Outside of, say, Hullbreacher+Wheel(breacher needs ban), or the fortunately banned Flickering of Sylvan Primordial , which are better than what 3 other players can do.

Phyrexian mana has only been a problem with 1 mana cards. Probe and Misstep, as well as Gut Shot, Growth and Revival, are easily played in any deck and 2 life is minimal for a free mana. However, none of the cards with at least one non-phyrexian mana in their cost are all that broken. While Dismember is good, remember it costs 4 life and one mana to cast at cheapest, and that's quite a bit.

I could see them bringing Phyrexian mana back, but with costing similar to Dismember where it costs a good amount of life and at least some mana to use. Maybe a Negate or something.

TheVectornaut on Death Touch Green Boi

1 year ago

It is true that the deathtouch package will be worse in multiplayer games since you have more threats to deal with. I think siding into a bigger ramp package would be a good idea. I would caution though that it's important to add in more mana dorks or ramp spells to keep pace with any new bombs you include or you'll find yourself mana screwed a lot of the time.

I went ahead and added my creature-based commander deck so I could link it for reference. It was built from a casual 60-card skeleton that's quite similar to your deck, so some of the ramp cards I've had success with over the years might do well here too.
deck: Predator's Toolkit

Prowling Serpopard or Destiny Spinner could be useful tech if counters are flying around left and right. Vigor is definitely strong against board stalls, and I like Archetype of Endurance against a lot of common removal. Somberwald Sage and Elvish Piper would probably be my first picks for dropping haymakers early without much other support. Yeva, Nature's Herald and Seedborn Muse are particularly disgusting in multiplayer since you essentially play on every turn. Some final bombs I love are Whiptongue Hydra for flyers, Polukranos, World Eater for other creatures, and Sylvan Primordial for most anything else.

For your existing ideas, I think Worldspine Wurm is good if your games go long enough to cast it while Tempt with Discovery is good if you don't have opponents who greatly benefit from the mana. I'm still iffy on Lumberknot in a deck not based around token sacrifice, and I'd probably just run Dungrove Elder if you need a midrange hexproof creature. Hydra's Growth is very good with additional +1/+1 synergy, Kazandu Tuskcaller needs more token synergy, and Strixhaven Stadium feels optimistic in multiplayer. For the bigger cards, I think Vigor , Soul of New Phyrexia , Toski, Bearer of Secrets , Verdant Sun's Avatar , and Vivien Reid are all playable. Myojin of Life's Web needs some way to refill the hand or its ability will never do anything that impactful. Impervious Greatwurm is the weakest option since it gets completely stuffed by chump blockers. I used Connive / Concoct to reanimate it in standard and still found it to be too slow. If you had a Warstorm Surge or something, maybe it'd be a different story...

Vash13 on Is sword of feast and …

2 years ago

Monomanamaniac if that card was green it would be another Sylvan Primordial and be banned as well lol

SteelSentry on What cards deserve to be …

2 years ago

As someone without a consistent playgroup, I think a banlist is good to have; it allows a mostly consistent play environment from store to store, and without it there would be a million U/G decks built around Prophet and getting as many Primeval Titan and Sylvan Primordial clones as possible. However, there are a few cards like Braids, Cabal Minion or Worldfire that are by no means worse than cards that are allowed, like Worldpurge or Static Orb.

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