The casual deck I made years ago. Was wondering which of the maybe board cards I should add in when playing multiplayer games along with how much land to put in. Since they last longer I feel like 1x Worldspine Wurm (RTR) 1x Lumberknot (PCA) and 1x Tempt with Discovery (MYS1) would be a good start. Appreciate any help and suggestions!


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Okay so big change to orient more for 1v1. I could always change it back so please lmk if you think I'm heading in the right direction or not. Took out 1x Bramblecrush 1x End-Raze Forerunners 1x Heroes' Bane 1x Hunter's Ambush 1x Liege of the Tangle 2x Nissa's Pilgrimage 2x Traproot Kami 1x Trollhide 1x Withstand Death. Added in 3x more Deadly Recluse 3x more Fynn, the Fangbearer 1x Nightshade Peddler (may be unnecessary since bow of nylea hopefully is out) 1x Hydra's Growth 2x Prowling Serpopard 1x Rhonas the Indomitable. Maybe adding 1x Vivien, Monsters' Advocate for garruk. She might be better in my other deck designed for multiplayer because it has more costly cmc creatures.

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