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My brew for a sweet Dimir Control deck, with the trusty Forbidden Alchemy always by our side! The goal of the deck is to always have an answer for everything that the opponent throws at us and beat down with our creatures. With so many counterspells and removal not much can falter our gameplan, and we are always assured to get what we need, thanks to Forbidden Alchemy, Mulldrifter and Think Twice. There are a lot of tapped lands, but the benefits are worth it, as in the late game we're able to cast anything, gain a ton of life and get back creatures like Mulldrifter to keep our gas going. Also we can replay these cool lands with Dimir Aqueduct. Curse of the Bloody Tome is a weird choice, but it is a great alt won con as this is a super durdley "draw island go" kind of deck. Sideboard has a bit of disruption, sweeps (Evincar's Justice is a classic alternate win con). This is not a tier one deck, but it is the one I have most fun with and it reminds me of a simpler time for pauper.


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