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Paper Pauper UB Forcefeed
Force 'em to draw, force 'em to discard, force 'em to kiss Jace's Phantasm on the mouth!

Jace has this condition. He can't make new character developments, only rehash old ones. If he keeps planeswalking for too long, he'll forget how he started. Next time he sees you, he's not going to remember this game. He doesn't even know if he's played you before.

I've told you this already, haven't I?

As always, I love hearing suggestions, advice and ideas!

Thanks for checking out my deck, and if you like pauper, check out my collection of over 30 Paper Pauper decks here, at The Pauper Project.

Also, check out my profile, where you'll find some articles on Pauper, a collection of user-made resources for ALL FORMATS, and... songs. =D


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