Sup homies, it's another jank ass TappedOut deck from ya boy: Pauper EDH Edition. What we've got here is a mono blue combo deck, putting a slight twist on a very old an well known combo: Abducted Drake. Rather than using the card Abduction since it's not legal in the format, the deck plays False Demise to the same effect: capitalizing off repeated sac-ing of Iridescent Drake, with Sage's Row Denizen being the pay off card in the deck.

If ya like combos, tons of counters, insane amounts of draw, and mono blue, then this is the deck for you.

The combo central to the deck is the interaction between Iridescent Drake + False Demise + Ashnod's Altar. This produces nigh infinite colorless mana, which does not really matter since there are no game winning mana sinks for colorless mana at the common level that are available to blue. Instead, this loop allows us as many enter//exit the battlefield triggers as we need to mill out some bitches with Sage's Row Denizen or Selhoff Occultist. We will run the denizen over the occultist primarily because of how much easier it is to tutor up the denizen (the subtype wizard on denizen is super fucking important).

The deck tends to play out as durdling and digging with occasionally countering shit; eventually you just end up going balls to the fucking wall and try to combo out. This typically occurs as early as turn 8-9ish, though this numeric comes from gold fishing alone, so probably more like turn 10+ what with all the dumb shit our opponents are likely tryna pull off.

There are a few back up combos, and they all revolve around some combination of the cards Archaeomancer; High Tide; Ghostly Flicker; Snap; Mnemonic Wall; Peregrine Drake; and a decent amount of islands.

Situation #1: Snap Combo

Archaeomancer, a High Tide cast twice, and Snap (in addition to 5 islands) - This loop nets no mana, and works by casting a High Tide (HT Count 1), followed by an Archaeomancer to return said High Tide to recast (HT Count 2). This second casting means we have a floating. We tap our last island for 3 , for a total of 4 in our mana pool: we use 2 of it to cast our Snap, returning Archaeomancer to hand and untapping two lands. From here we can loop casting and recasting these two cards, profiting off of Sage's Row Denizen mill triggers. If you can somehow manage to cast the High Tide for a third time, you will be able to produce infinite . Outlets for the blue mana are much easier to come by, and the two we run in the deck are Whispers of the Muse and Train of Thought. Sidenote: Whispers of the Muse can also be used with the infinite colorless mana combo from Iridescent Drake, essentially allowing us to draw card for each we pay.

Mnemonic Wall can fill in for Archaeomancer, though remember that the extra mana he costs will force you to cast High Tide a third time, which will mean ya just make infinite

Situation #2: Ghostly Flicker Combo

In this scenario, we have an Archaeomancer or a Mnemonic Wall - makes no difference here - a Ghostly Flicker, a High Tide, and again five islands. Cast the High Tide (HT Count 1), cast an Archaeomancer, return High Tide to hand and recast (HT Count 2). From here we can loop casting Ghostly Flicker, flicker an island and returning Ghostly Flicker to hand with the flickered card:Archaemancer. Again, nets us no mana unless we cast the high tide a third time, but we capitalize off of the Sage's Row Denizen mill triggers and just win. If you do make the infinite , this situation allows the substitution of flickering a land for a Mulldrifter (or any other card drawing creature) after sufficient mana has been produced. Draw your deck, and then just win.

Situations #3: Peregrine Drake Degeneracy

If you're in this situation, it means you have disregarded the general consensus that PDH should utilize the same ban list as Pauper Constructed. It's pretty easy to combo with Peregrine Drake, and it will almost always mean you make infinite mana. Ghostly Flicker + Archaeomancer + Peregrine Drake. Simple shit.

Draw cards. That's literally it. Just fuckin blast Gold Digger and go to town on the deck.

Ideally you have some combo piece in your opening hand to help direct you to what line of play you want to go down, be it situation 1, 2, or 3. In the early game if you have the choice between playing a card draw spell or laying out a mana rock, almost always choose playing the ramp. Ya need it.

As for protecting yourself from your opponents, oof, it ain't gonna be easy. There's not much in the way of common cards to address threats: the deck primarily utilizes bounce spells and a plethora of counters. There's Flood, but that's pretty mana intensive and limited in the number of issues it can deal with. It'll do. If ya like, there's Rhystic Deluge in the maybeboard, and honestly it should be in the mainboard.

Now, onto the most crucial and "complicated" aspect of the deck: tutoring and assembling the win.

Tutoring Lines

So, tutors at the common level are hard to come by, and the more colors you have the more tutor cards you have access to. Lucky for us though, blue has a shit ton of tutors compared to other monocolors, and if you're wise with when you play them and what you search for, you'll be aight.

Muddle the Mixture - Tutors primarily for Vedalken AEthermage or Volrath's Curse. Generally I lean towards tutoring for curse since it and Ashnod's Altar are the most difficult cards to search up, and being able to get out one of the most difficult to obtain combo pieces in the deck puts us in a good spot. Granted Sage's Row Denizen is quite difficult to tutor for, but the way I look at it is that we only have one tutor that hits up the curse, and since there's essentially no difference between denizen or aethermage (since aethermage can search up the denizen) or even Drift of Phantasms, we are more likely to draw into a denizen than a curse.

Drift of Phantasms - Gets our wincon, and gets the most difficult combo pieces in the deck to tutor for, False Demise, and can also get Ashnod's Altar if we have the demise and just need a sac outlet. Those two fucking cards are a bitch to find without spooky boy, and funny enough, spooky boy is also impossible to tutor for, meaning without it in hand you are forced to dig like a madman for it or the combo pieces themselves. Luckily blue is made to do that.

Trinket Mage tutors for Feldon's Cane in case you fucked up or got shit on, and an unretrievable combo piece got thrown in the bin. Also can hit up Wayfarer's Bauble for some shit ramp.

Merchant Scroll gets ya High Tide for ramp/comboing, Muddle the Mixture for chaining tutors, or any sort of utility like counters/deep drawing. Also can grab Ghostly Flicker or Snap for combo potential.

Dizzy Spell is really restricted in its scope, and pretty much only gets High Tide for said reasons. Can also get Flood or Downsize if ya getting fucked in the ass by big boys.

If you are fine with running cards typically considered banned, the cards Peregrine Drake, Frantic Search, and Treasure Cruise are actually fucking amazing in turns of their value or combo potentials.

Currently in PDH anything ever printed at common level is legal; this is unlike MTGO Pauper, where only common cards Tempest onwards are guaranteed to be legal, with pre-Tempest cards being a hit or miss and dependent on if they've been reprinted. If PDH decides to adopt the MTGO legalities, then High Tide, False Demise, and Ashnod's Altar will no longer be legal and this deck will be completely destroyed.

Currently there's not much else that can be done for the deck except actually play it with other people and see how much more in the way of counters/bounce/creature hate needs to be put in. Also just wait for more cards to be printed or downshifted. Fuck Masters 25.

Also pondering whether or not I could feasibly assemble the tron land and run Expedition Map. Seems fucking stupid and makes our High Tides worse. Might slip in map tho if I start running Desert, Quicksand, and/or Skyline Cascade. Probably will.

Hit me up with any suggestions y'all got ya dirty hoes.


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