Postmortem Lunge


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
New Phyrexia Uncommon

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Postmortem Lunge


Return target creature card with converted mana cost X from your graveyard to the battlefield. It gains haste. Exile it at the beginning of the next end step.

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Postmortem Lunge Discussion

NieJacek on Bug infect

1 month ago

How is the Postmortem Lunge working out for you? is x3 good?

Anyway I advise switch -1 Breeding Pool for +1 Windswept Heath

Also check out

Travisr2h on Weird Remedies - Turn 3 Infinite/Win

3 months ago

Great comments. I was doubtful of taking up space with protection of 1 and 2 toughness creatures, just because turn 2 or 3 Pyroclasm or Drown in Sorrow is so easy to play. Its the same reason I am less excited about elves for mana.

After some testing, I think Ranger's Guile is really good as it gets Devoted Druid to 3 toughness. I am also trying out Postmortem Lunge, as it gives haste.

EpicFreddi on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

4 months ago

Meh, i liked grixis with Postmortem Lunge more, but that's just me. I always prefere combo over midrange.

lagotripha on Jeskai Monks

7 months ago

Yeah, the spells are definitely efficiency sinks- I'd consider running Abbot of Keral Keep, Oreskos Sun Guide, Jeskai Sage and Shared Animosity. For other fun spell options see Postmortem Lunge, Pulse of the Forge/Sun's Bounty.

JaysomeDecks on Oona, Queen of the Combo

7 months ago

Megalomania, I might like the idea of High Tide. I originally overlooked it since it only affects Islands. In a deck, having 4 lands be islands would probably require me to have about 9-10 lands on the field, which makes it an unreliable to late game option. Still, I'll reconsider it.

I do have a Peregrine Drake in there already. Good backup with Deadeye Navigator, even if it doesn't work with anything else.

I'm not sold on Archaeomancer/Ghostly Flicker. I see the point, but I prefer to rely on single cards that combo with Palinchron, since you already have to draw him. A redundant three-card combo just isn't what I think the deck needs at the this time.

I have a few graveplay cards as it is, and I didn't want to rely overly on my graveyard. The majority of the time the deck can work it to where the combo goes off the first time, instead of having to dig through the grave for a second. One thing I never did think of, however, and really did like were the cards like Flash and Postmortem Lunge to put the creature back on the field for only that turn. I tend to think in more permanent terms, myself, so these cards quickly got overlooked. But if I'm ending the game that turn anyhow... I'll definitely keep this way of thinking in mind, both in this deck and others.

I wish I could afford Force of Will. I've got a few cards in there that would make you think I could, but at the moment, it's well out of my budget. Cons of running a paper deck.

Thanks for the coments. I'll probably drop by your page and look at a few of your deck designs, see if I can get any ideas.

Megalomania on Oona, Queen of the Combo

7 months ago

The problem with the Monolith-based combos is that they only produce colorless mana. This means you need 3 more colored mana to cast Oona and 1 colored mana for each opponent.

Ofcourse there is Gemstone Array to help with the fixing but that makes the combo a bit clunky with the added card and 3 mana requirement.

I would suggest focusing on creature-based combos. Add Peregrine Drake as a redundancy to Palinchron, High Tide to combo with Palinchron and Archaeomancer + Ghostly Flicker which, when combined with either Palinchron or the Drake, also generates infinite mana.

Add a bit more recursion spells like Postmortem Lunge, Reanimate and Shallow Grave for resilience and pitch spells like Misdirection, Force of Will and Daze to help you in counterwars.

Lastly, get some enablers. Cards that allow you to assemble/execute those combos a bit faster and with a lot more consistency. Flash can help you a lot and if you choose to add the suggested recursion cards, Intuition and Insidious Dreams will be powerful additions.

Lilbrudder on Let's Make Hermit Druid Great Again!

8 months ago

ibstudent2200: While those are certainly cards that could take out my deck I will rarely face any of them. I would never take a deck like this to my local game shop as it is only designed for cutthroat 4 person pods. Within cEDH Stifle is the only card I may face and even that is somewhat rare, but either way it good to know the weakpoints of the deck.

As for your suggestions. I have considered Buried Alive and Entomb but I would need a worthwhile target. Entomb is something I will definitely test since I added Postmortem Lunge and will possibly also add Shallow Grave.

Buried Alive is too slow unless I have a combo that ends the game with it. I am considering using it to bury Angel of Glory's Rise Trinket Mage and Auriok Salvagers to assemble Bomberman, since it would allow Thrasios to end the game with infinite colored mana but its a bit risky since it nukes my hand and has negative synergy with countermagic. As for the chain you suggested I had one similar in the deck for an infinite damage loop, but it made the deck clunky and was too card intensive.

However, since I need more discard outlets in the deck I will likely replace azami with Hapless Researcher as it essentially fills the same role, but costs way less and has utility in the early game as well. It also can dump itself in the graveyard if its in my opening hand. I may also add Alchemist's Apprentice as redundancy.

If I go the loop route I may add Saffi Eriksdotter as she is slightly more useful than Fiend Hunter for this deck and forms an infinite loop with Angel of Glory's Rise and Cartel Aristocrat. I may also replace Goblin Cannon with Zulaport Cutthroat to give me an infinite damage outlet for the loop. I will definitely have to test both versions to let me know which works best for the deck. Thank you (and thank you too Raging_Squiggle) for the excellent food for thought.

Lilbrudder on Let's Make Hermit Druid Great Again!

8 months ago

Raging_Squiggle: I am hesitant to drop my secondary combos for a few reasons. First Hermit Druid is a glass cannon combo that is very hard to protect a full turn cycle every game. Yes I could use Pull from Eternity but the whole table will know exactly what I am planning to do again. I may add it if I go more of a reanimator route with the deck.

Let me clarify, I am using HD because it either buys me time (by eating removal) to assemble my infinite mana combos that usually come online turns 3-6 or it wins the game on turns 2-5. Going all in on HD turns my deck into a generic HD combo deck, which negates the primary reason to play thrasios.

Personally, I think combo decks that have just one win condition only are effective against a group you have never played against before. After that the deck develops the Narset problem of being far too linear.

The monolith combos have not been great. So I am considering making a change on that front to a different infinite mana combo. While not ideal I am considering Auriok Salvagers + Lion's Eye Diamond since it is easily assembled with the assistance of Angel of Glory's Rise Buried Alive and Reanimate. It will also make your suggestion of Survival of the Fittest better as I will be running more creatures.

As for your other suggestions. I have much better tutor options than Shred Memory and Long-Term Plans. I like Merchant Scroll and it was in previous versions of the deck. Same with Sylvan Safekeeper. With my tiny commanders and mana dorks I usually have more than enough creatures for Dread Return so Dregscape Zombie is overkill. Corpse Dance is a bit overcosted and limited. I like Shallow Grave and may include it in addition to Postmortem Lunge. Mystic Remora is a fine card but the random card draw can backfire if I draw into a combo piece.

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