The third part in the Changing How Magic Plays series is here! The mechanic being changed this time is drawing cards.

Force your opponent to babysit your deck while you sleep with his hot deck wife. If your opponent doesn't have a solution to Shared Fate by the time it hits the field it's your game. In a one on one commander game this deck can entirely lock down your opponent, as it provides them with no way of getting rid of Shared Fate. Watch your enemy as they try to throw marshmallows at you and somehow end up cutting themselves on them.

This deck is an proof of concept, it is a gimmick and by no means competitive. The whole idea of the deck is to mulligan until you can get Shared Fate or one of the tutors for it. This is part three in an unknown amount of decks that will entirely change how the game is played. All parts of this series will be built around a card that drastically changes the rules of the game, and will have a deck that exploits those rule changes to their fullest.

Part one of this series: Changing How Magic Plays: Part 1

Part two of this series: Changing How Magic Plays: Part 2

Part three and a half of this series: Changing How Magic Plays: Part 3.5

Part four of this series: Changing How Magic Plays: Part 4

Part five of this series: Changing How Magic Plays: Part 5

Please playtest and leave your thoughts.


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