The fifth part in the Changing How Magic Plays series is here! The mechanic being changed this time is creature death.

Don't play Magic, be a dick instead. Whether that means one shoting your opponents with Leveler or Phage the Untouchable, or throwing deathtouch tokens at them and stealing their creatures while they get nothing. Rain destruction on your opponents while you sit inside and sip tea, using Overwhelming Forces. Then when the storm is over you can go outside to find your enemy's creatures want to join the winning side. Once you have successfully started a coup make sure to protect your new soldiers with a wall of shields like Sphere of Safety.

This deck is an proof of concept, it is a gimmick and by no means competitive. The whole idea of the deck is to mulligan until you can get Endless Whispers or one of the tutors for it. This is part five in an unknown amount of decks that will entirely change how the game is played. All parts of this series will be built around a card that drastically changes the rules of the game, and will have a deck that exploits those rule changes to their fullest.

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Part four of this series: Changing How Magic Plays: Part 4

Please playtest and leave your thoughts.


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Unfortunately, this deck is the last in the Changing How Magic Plays series. I have started my own online card store and have been very busy with that. If a new card comes out that inspires me the series shall continue, but until then this is it. Thank you all so much for your support, I will still take any suggestions that come my way, but I am extremely busy now so the deck may take awhile.


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