With the printing of Teferi, Hero of Dominaria, control strategies become even more powerful in modern. I run a rather unconventional list including Ghostly Prison and Engineered Explosives + Academy Ruins combo. Other than combo decks like U/R gift storm, most of the modern meta wins via creature aggression (even some infinites like kiki-jiki or empty the warrens postboard) which makes Ghostly Prison a great card in the current meta.



The main strategy of the deck is to establish control and rendering attacking decisions ineffective using Ghostly Prison. Since we are only running two colors, we run a ton of basics which makes us somewhat immune to Blood Moon effects.

Early game

It's okay to start slow as long as we have the relevant pieces to stabilize mid game. Boardwipes/Ghostly Prison in the opening hand is almost a keep as it severely hinders aggro strategies by turn 4. We run 3 different boardwipes due to the prevalence of the Humans archetype running Meddling Mage. Since we run a plethora of different removals, meddling mage is nothing but a slight annoyance. Start deploying Field of Ruin aggressively, hitting important lands to stumble our opponents while making them choose between casting an extra spell or attacking with their creatures when Ghostly Prison is deployed.

Mid game

This is where we start to establish control. Ghostly Prison should be punishing our opponent on making inefficient plays and game decisions. Engineered Explosives should be putting some work in removing problematic permanents. Once we get the lock in, start deploying Teferi and start taking over the game from there.

Late game

This is where we truly shine as we have huge late game inevitability. Our opponent should be at a severely disadvantageous position right now and we should be able to win easily from here. In the rare instance that our library is thinning out, we do not have to fear as Teferi, Hero of Dominaria's -3 ability is essentially an insurance against decking out as he can just tuck himself back over and over again. We can also loop Engineered Explosives + Academy Ruins to clear the board while we win with Celestial Colonnade beats.


  • Engineered Explosives: I'm probably one of the rare people running it maindeck. This is because it is a great catch all card for many different situations. I also run a one of Watery Grave to allow me to answer 3cmc permanents as well as including an Academy Ruins to recur it later in the game.

  • Mana Leak: This card does work early game and is also pretty useful mid game in conjunction with Ghostly Prison, either taxing their spells to prevent an attack or making it a hard counter if they attack before casting their spells.

  • Field of Ruin: Running a playset gives me a slight fighting chance over Tron strategies as well as hitting a plethora of important lands like Cavern of Souls in the current meta.

  • Teferi, Hero of Dominaria: Dominaria gave me a new toy to make this deck even better. It is essentially a 3 mana planeswalker that can only be played at turn 5 (also an insurance against decking myself out by just putting it back in my library).

  • Ghostly Prison: After analyzing the modern meta, I realized that >90% of the decks uses various forms of creature beats to win the game. This card may not be a hard lock like Ensnaring Bridge but is great in the purpose of allowing us to slow down aggression while finding answers to stabilize the board. It also effectively slows down aggro or completely brick infinite tokens strategies (Saheeli Rai or Kiki Jiki). Just sticking one on the field can effectively throw a hard wrench in my opponent's game decisions and having multiple copies is just bad news.

  • Batterskull: Used to be a finisher in various modern decks but fell out of flavor after more efficient finishers are out. I'm testing this as my alternative finisher to both stabilize mid game for some defense and lifegain. Even with rampant artifact hate like Kolaghan's Command, it can be recurred with Academy Ruins later in the game as well as returning it back to our hand if we have mana to spare.


We have a poor matchup with gift storm, big mana (tron), and burn whereas we eat aggro/midrange strategies alive. That's why we dedicate a plethora of cards to combat our weakness to improve the matchup.

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