Aerial Modification


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Uncommon

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Aerial Modification

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature or Vehicle

As long as enchanted permanent is a Vehicle, it's a creature in addition to its other types.

Enchanted creature gets +2/+2 and has flying.

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Aerial Modification Discussion

subzero719 on R/W Aggro Consulate Dreadnought / Turn 3 Win

1 week ago

After Reviewing my build I never actually had 4 Lupine Prototypes, I ran 3. My reason for 3 over 2 is that in a pinch I will just fling one at something. I can activate a vehicle with a lupine then fling at the opponents biggest blocker to get that 7/11 dreadnought through. Flinging for 5 is also pretty good when you arent sure if you can finish them off in the same turn.

I definitely recommend 4 Flings, since it only gets more powerful when you use built to smash and Seige mod. I find typically your opponent will do everything they can to get rid of a crewed vehicle. having fling in the hand makes any loss of vehicles a gain.

As for Depala, she is a 3 drop so it is hard to play her over a peacewalker or a caravan so I only run 2. When u do have one it is a solid buff to mostly everything on the field. vehicles and other dwarves all get +1 Depala plus a vet motorist makes a 9/14 dreadnought plus if you have a dead draw, she can fill your hand with extra creatures or vehicles. this deck should see a dwarf or vehicle every 2 to 3 cards.

I would cut Aerial Modification. even with a caravan out you are putting aerial mod out on turn 4 when you could pull off a lot more by crewing, built to smash, seige mod and fling. at CMC 5 I just dont see its value. I could say the same for Start Your Engines but thats just my preference. I like having more low cost options in hand than dumping mana into a single spell.

I also run Bomat courier for that extra bit of damage or crew strength that you sometimes need. I have played quite a few games where I get a T1 Toolcraft and a T2 Bomat with Built to Smash, thats 7 damage on T2. That often will leave your opponent dead by T4/T5 depending on the next plays. Playing Bomat Courier also allows me to get some extra draws when I have to many vehicles in hand, and it allows me to play Spire of Industy reliably on early turns.

Lastly I too have experimented with Consul Flagship but I find this deck to be too aggressive to run it at 5 mana. Maybe a Glorybringer would be better for it's haste and 4 damage to a creature.

NobleGhost117 on Depala's go-karts

1 week ago

Not bad, I just have two comments. You may want to drop an Aerial Modification for another land. You also might want to add some removal cards to your sideboard (cards like Shock/Magma Spray or Fragmentize)

Motys on need a ride?

2 weeks ago

Gearshift Ace -> Sram, Senior Edificer, you will run out of fuel too quick

Demolition Stomper -> Consulate Dreadnought, 6 cmc vehicle just won't work.

Chief of the Foundry -> Veteran Motorist, vehicles are big without help of the chief, veteran can crew heart of kiran + scry is always nice

Aerial Modification - just no, no, no, no. Siege modification is okay cause its 3CMC, Start Your Engines might be better choice.

How about Needle Spires?

cabal_patriarch on The Wheelchair Party (Primer)

1 month ago

I'm trying a similar deck as well: Vehicles & Mods. I would say the biggest cards I found useful that you might like are Built to Last, Built to Smash, Aerial Modification, and Siege Modification.

WhiteBuffalo79 on Hot Wheels

1 month ago

Not a bad start at all. I would replace Start Your Engines with Siege Modification. This will turn vehicle into hard hitting powerhouses. Aerial Modification will do near the same and add flying, but it is much more expensive. Good luck!!

pickelchu on Win on Turn 4/5 Consistently? Yessir

1 month ago

The addition of blue would be helpful for protecting my dreadnought but I really need Aerial Modification, Peacewalker Colossus, and Open the Armory so that it is more likely for my guy to be crewed and I don't want to go three colors because the mana base would get expensive and less consistent for an aggro deck.

As for the exemplar, your arguements make sense so I will add him

clayperce on Win on Turn 4/5 Consistently? Yessir

1 month ago

Oh, this is sweet!

Have you looked at Toolcraft Exemplar? I loved them with Consulate Dreadnought in Craig Wescoe's Dogs in Boats (KLD - Retired), and they would enable a rare but not-TOTALLY-Magic-Christmasland T3 wins:

Also, have you tested Gryff's Boon? Because it's so fast, I'm wondering if it'd be better for the this deck than Aerial Modification.

Do your Lands feel about right? With 6x 5-drops in the main, I'm a little surpised to not see you with 24. Of course if it's working for you, never mind! Speaking of Lands though, Spire of Industry maybe?

Draw well!

Luciferos on Win on Turn 4/5 Consistently? Yessir

1 month ago

Your main problem with Consulate Dreadnought is that most of the top decks are going to chump block that 10/11 first strike constantly. You want to find a way to grant Trample, such as Brute Strength, Built to Smash, Distemper of the Blood, and Invigorated Rampage.

Aerial Modification helps but is 5 mana. Modifications are obviously useful as they obviate the need for crew, but you're not necessarily going to get the damage through.

Onward / Victory may be a useful choice - Onward doubles the creature's power which could let you fling for 20+ damage alone, while Victory grants Double Strike which could instakill someone when they can't block.

Tapping out your opponents can be really useful, too. Topplegeists can provide a good source of cheap tap-out and also are flying chumps and can function as lockdown if the game drags and you get Delirium.

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