Aerial Modification


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt (AER) Uncommon

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Aerial Modification

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature or Vehicle

As long as enchanted permanent is a Vehicle, it's a creature in addition to its other types.

Enchanted creature gets +2/+2 and has flying.

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Aerial Modification Discussion

SnowLeo on Ready, Set, Brawl

6 days ago

Okay! thanks for the comments!

@suarkdivad: I'll try to add Fumigate to the list somewhere, it's just I'm not sure what to pull out right now for the 5 cmc socery, but it does seem powerful.

@SgtGomez404: I really like Pia's Revolution and its especially great in 1v1 format (better now since that Baral, Chief of Compliance is banned, but in a multiplayer format its a little bit less impactful, since there's more people, but ill keep it in mind. As for Throne of the God-Pharaoh its another great addition, so ill also keep it in mind, however, the deck doesn't have a bunch of creatures out at any given time so. I'll do some experiments to see if it will be impactful.

@Hexcimal: Thanks for the suggestions! The more information the better! Let's see here; I really like Aerial Modification and sometimes it has won me games, I like having it in addition to Aeronaut Admiral to add some redundancy. It also turns one of your vehicles into a blocker so there's that.

Reckless Fireweaver: I actually agree with you, it doesn't really do much and I think it's because it's not a mass artifact deck, at most you're plopping down one per turn so definitely something I can but.

I should probably add Gideon's Intervention in there, I just don't have the space!

Authority of the Consuls: Haha I never thought of that interaction with Seal Away definitely powerful! I'll see if I can add some space. In multiplayer it can also gain you a ton of life.

Renegade Wheelsmith: I did consider him, but I thought his ability was a little bit too weak especially since I also have Pia Nalaar but I'll try him out if he was good in your experience.

Thanks for all the suggestions !!! I appreciate it!!

Hexcimal on Ready, Set, Brawl

1 week ago

I've been running a Depala deck as well and it's been super sweet so far; here are a few things I've discovered from playtesting (and hoping it isn't too much at once).

Aerial Modification has been very slow for me in testing. Many vehicles have flying already, the Admiral gives them all flying too, and several vehicles without flying have different forms of built-in evasion or trade favorably with many creatures of similar CMC. Perhaps consider cutting it for a card with more impact at a similar (or cheaper) cost?

I'm not currently sold on Reckless Fireweaver, but I can see the appeal with the deck packing so many artifacts. How much damage has it been netting on average for you? I might include one for my deck.

As for additional cards to consider, here are a few that have worked wonders for me in every game I've been able to play them and I've always been happy to see:

  • Gideon's Intervention has proven its worth in this format and I never regret drawing into it (or having it opening hand). It shuts down many decks that rely on their commanders to work, and makes it easier to survive against decks with few-but-strong beaters.
  • Authority of the Consuls is an honorable mention. It's an awesome early play, causing potential blockers to enter tapped to let you keep swinging while gaining you life to combat other aggro strategies. It pairs hilariously well with Seal Away, which as caught many people off-guard.
  • Fairgrounds Warden has been helpful in dealing with troublesome creatures, while being a viable target for Depala's triggered ability and providing a bit of crewing power.
  • Finally, Renegade Wheelsmith has been good to me. Whether attacking as himself or crewing vehicles to plow through his victims, he's prevented many, many chump blocks in his time.

Depala is an awesome commander and you've got a strong list; I hope you've been enjoying her so far!

colton815 on "Vehicle Tribal"

3 months ago

"tribal" refers to creature type, and "vehicle" is not a creature type. 2 major things i notice. first is that you run 2 of almost everything. pick the best ones and run 4. it will make the deck more consistent. the second is your mana base. i know you said the deck was made with just random cards you had lying around, but the mana base could be greatly improved with dual lands. you'd want Arid Mesa, Sacred Foundry, and Clifftop Retreat. Aerial Modification is too expensive to cast with only 22 lands.

Deltis on Blue/White Kaladesh Energy

5 months ago

It only takes 15 energy to have Pummler be a 32/32, and 12 will take him up to a 16/16. Both without pump spells. There are also some pump spells in white. Built to Last (probably the best for Pummeler in white), Inspired Charge, Conviction, Alley Evasion, and Aerial Modification.

As far as removal, all the good stuff in your colors are outside of kaladesh, but there are a few pieces that might be worth playing. Skywhaler's Shot, Impeccable Timing, Fumigate, and Thopter Arrest for creature removal. Decommission and Fragmentize for artifact and enchantment removal.

Flyboarg on Road Rage Revolt

8 months ago

Please add Siege Modification and Aerial Modification. I have a deck like this and cards like this will make it so easy to win

NobleGhost117 on Mighty Garbage

8 months ago

If you're committed to the Consulate Dreadnought being in the deck, then you're going to want an easy way to crew it. Cards like Aerial Modification and Peacewalker Colossus really spice up the Dreadnought in some sneaky ways. If you don't know what to take out to put different cards in, your God-Pharaoh's Faithful is surprisingly meh in a competitive deck.

subzero719 on R/W Aggro Consulate Dreadnought / Turn 3 Win

10 months ago

After Reviewing my build I never actually had 4 Lupine Prototypes, I ran 3. My reason for 3 over 2 is that in a pinch I will just fling one at something. I can activate a vehicle with a lupine then fling at the opponents biggest blocker to get that 7/11 dreadnought through. Flinging for 5 is also pretty good when you arent sure if you can finish them off in the same turn.

I definitely recommend 4 Flings, since it only gets more powerful when you use built to smash and Seige mod. I find typically your opponent will do everything they can to get rid of a crewed vehicle. having fling in the hand makes any loss of vehicles a gain.

As for Depala, she is a 3 drop so it is hard to play her over a peacewalker or a caravan so I only run 2. When u do have one it is a solid buff to mostly everything on the field. vehicles and other dwarves all get +1 Depala plus a vet motorist makes a 9/14 dreadnought plus if you have a dead draw, she can fill your hand with extra creatures or vehicles. this deck should see a dwarf or vehicle every 2 to 3 cards.

I would cut Aerial Modification. even with a caravan out you are putting aerial mod out on turn 4 when you could pull off a lot more by crewing, built to smash, seige mod and fling. at CMC 5 I just dont see its value. I could say the same for Start Your Engines but thats just my preference. I like having more low cost options in hand than dumping mana into a single spell.

I also run Bomat courier for that extra bit of damage or crew strength that you sometimes need. I have played quite a few games where I get a T1 Toolcraft and a T2 Bomat with Built to Smash, thats 7 damage on T2. That often will leave your opponent dead by T4/T5 depending on the next plays. Playing Bomat Courier also allows me to get some extra draws when I have to many vehicles in hand, and it allows me to play Spire of Industy reliably on early turns.

Lastly I too have experimented with Consul Flagship but I find this deck to be too aggressive to run it at 5 mana. Maybe a Glorybringer would be better for it's haste and 4 damage to a creature.

NobleGhost117 on Depala's go-karts

10 months ago

Not bad, I just have two comments. You may want to drop an Aerial Modification for another land. You also might want to add some removal cards to your sideboard (cards like Shock/Magma Spray or Fragmentize)

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