A competitive super-friends standard list built around Role Reversal.

So lets talk about role reversal. A card that saw little to zero play (i’ve never seen it cast before, irl or arena) since its release. You’d think with such a powerful effect that it would receive some love, but alas, it does not. Everything in the list has been selected to work in some way shape or form with this card, because the best thing you can be doing in magic is taking control (and keeping) of your opponents things, i mean just look at how big a finisher Agent of Treachery has been. I have opted to go for Swapping over Destroying the opponents board.

So I will begin by explaining some of the synergies in the list.

Callous Dismissal is a tempo swing bounce piece that leaves behind a 1/1. Whatever you bounce with it, next turn, swap the 1/1 for whatever creature they recast!

Omen of the Sea is useless on the battlefield after its cast. Unless you are desperate for the second scry, swap it with some broken enchantment your opponent has out on the battlefield!

I can’t explain much further without going into the main strategy for winning with the deck.

Superfriends! Play lots of planeswalkers and out-value your opponent.
You can get a ton of value out of playing 1-2 walkers a turn, make your aggro opponents focus them down, cause your control and mid-range opponents to spend all of their resources on them, and eventually win the game with them! Here's how.

Sarkhan the Masterless is the main wincon. Slam as many walkers as you can and then change them into 4/4 dragons to go over the top of your opponent. It's is best to first create a token once he hits the board unless you already have 1-2 walkers already out. His passive staves off low to the ground aggro decks, and his + ability is how we get our opponent down to zero more often than not.

Elspeth, Sun's Nemesis and Chandra, Acolyte of Flame are in the list to take advantage of the tokens that they generate. Use your tokens to swap for better creatures using Role Reveral, or generate an army of 4/4 angels while Divine Visitation (the alt wincon) is out on your side of the board. Elspeth can get your attackers stronger to close a game out quicker, or can gain you life in a pinch. Chandra can create some interesting plays with her 0 ability!

Teferi, Time Raveler is an all around great card. (duh) He swings tempo alongside callous dismissal, stops flash decks in their tracks, and/or draws you a card. Holding up a role reversal or a dismissal for instant speed use helps make the deck a bit more flexible as well.

So the previous iteration of the deck ran 4 Narset, Parter of Veils but I have since swapped her out for 4x The Royal Scions as the main card advantage engine in the deck(huge shoutout to titus7007 & Pistolpeteiii). She is a bit more resilient to enemy plays and warrants more of a threat end of the day. Alongside chandra's zero ability her ultimate is not far from us whatsoever. That and a double pump while Elspeth is out can close games a bit faster. I will miss that passive tho...

Now the one off wild card is Karn, the Great Creator. His ability to fetch an artifact from the sideboard is useful in many ways. I run zero artifacts in the main list so you can grab a cheap 1 drop artifact to swap with role reversal if the opponent plays something ripe for the picking. He grabs you Meteor Golem to destroy something in times of desperation. He can get a God-Pharaoh's Statue to make it tough for your opponent to get back in the game. Where he really shines is grabbing Embercleave if you have sarkhan or a big creature you stole or by grabbing The Circle of Loyalty if you have a visitation out.

The deck is super top heavy mana-cost wise and so I opted to run 4x Fires of Invention.
Fires allows us to drop 2 walkers a turn, get around some restrictive mana costs in the list, and abuse any activated abilities we have in the list relatively safely.

As for sideboard plan, half of the board is dedicated to Karn, as I wrote about above, and the other half is dedicated to our weakest match-up, Aggro. Swap out omen of the sea for Omen of the Forge for more early interaction, divine visitation and role reversal for Shatter the Sky & Deafening Clarion for board wipes, and karn for Chandra, Awakened Inferno for a little bit of everything ;)

I thank you for checking out the list and I hope you liked it,


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