A janky Bant defender tribal deck that I remade from an older Simic version that I made a few years ago, back before Arcades, the Strategist, High Alert, and Walking Bulwark were printed, when Assault Formation was really the only good 'defenders can attack' option there was.

The deck is filled with lots of cheap defender creatures with high toughness and great synergy that you can quickly fill the board with in the early game to set up a good defense until you can find one of the 9 'defenders can attack' cards. And to help find one of those 9 aforementioned cards with greater consistently, there’s 4x Wall of Blossoms, 4x Wall of Omens, 4x Incubation / Incongruity, and 2x Thassa's Intervention to let you dig deeper into the deck.

This deck has some pretty good combo synergy. Arcades, the Strategist + Wall of Blossoms and Arcades, the Strategist + Wall of Omens is an amazing 2 for 1 draw combo that usually ends up chaining into at least 1 more defender to keep the string of casting and drawing more defenders going. Stalwart Shield-Bearers pairs well with every other defender because it's essentially a 2 CMC +2/+2 Anthem. The best combo however is an infinite mana combo that you can achieve by having Axebane Guardian + High Alert + 4 or more other defender creatures on the battlefield, and the infinite mana combo enables some very broken plays in this deck. If you also have Assault Formation out then you can use all of that infinite mana to give your creatures infinite toughness (infinite power in this case) and if you also have Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive out then you have infinite, un-blockable damage. Secret Door is another pretty good outlet for all of that infinite mana, and if you have Thassa's Intervention then you can look through the whole deck and tutor out any 2 cards you want (usually best to grab Assault Formation + Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive to end the game on the spot).

This is just supposed to be a casual jank deck, so I'm not looking to make it ultra competitive. However, any and all suggestions or recommendations are welcome. Thanks in advance!


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