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Bloodbraid Marauder vs The World

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This is my take on a Crashing Footfalls deck, with the cascade card being Bloodbraid Marauder. The advantage to using Bloodbraid Marauder is that it opens up all 2 CMC cards for use without the risk of hitting them when cascading, while also being able to get Rhino tokens out faster and cheaper.

With only 4 copies in the deck, "free cyclers" such as Manamorphose and Street Wraith help find Bloodbraid Marauder while also putting card types in the graveyard for Bloodbraid Marauder's delirium requirement. I also included cards like Expressive Iteration and Incubation / Incongruity to help find Bloodbraid Marauder (and other useful cards).

The manabase is mostly fetchlands, which help for colour fixing and for getting card types in the graveyard for Bloodbraid Marauder's delirium requirement.


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