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White Deck Needs Help...

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I'm working on building up a White deck for my wife who is just getting into the game. I only recently got back into it and I play a Green/Black Growth setup so I'm having a little trouble with assembling a white deck as I'm not all that familiar with the White playstyles.

The main idea I have for it is a lockdown/control type deck utilizing arrest-type effects. Already have Pacifism and Suppression Bonds, and would like to find more with effects like that to round out the decks play into a more cohesive theme. It was put together with extra cards some of my buddies were kind enough to donate and I would like to have a solid idea of where I'm going with it before I start investing.

Also trying to stick to cheaper drops to keep the required mana down in the deck and have more play options instead of having to go more mana-heavy with it. That's why I'm only running the 24 Plains in the deck when I'd normally be more comfortable in the area of 30-36 lands in an EDH deck.

Any suggestions you may have are welcome, just trying to keep it somewhat budget as I am also building mine up to where I want it and putting together a Legacy deck at the same time. Thanks in advance.


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