Stalwart Aven

Stalwart Aven

Creature — Bird Soldier

Flying (This creature can't be blocked except by creatures with flying or reach.)

Renown 1 (When this creature deals combat damage to a player, if it isn't renowned, put a +1/+1 counter on it and it becomes renowned.)

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Set Rarity
Mystery Booster: Store Edition (MYSTOR) Common
Mystery Booster: Convention Edition (MYSCON) Common
Iconic Masters (IMA) Common
Magic Origins (ORI) Common

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Stalwart Aven Discussion


3 years ago

I think this has a good base to it. There are some cards that I think are a bit underwhelming which are: the Crown of Empires, Scepter of Empires, and Throne of Empires combo. As much as getting 5 soldier tokens is good, you have to spend a lot of mana to achieve that and you could do many better things with that mana. Assemble the legion like Cmasa435 said is a much better alternative. I think you could replace those with mana rocks such as sol ring or any of the signets in this color scheme. One card that I have found really good at stopping people's big powerful ability creatures is Darksteel Mutation because it takes away all of their creature's abilities and it becomes an indestructible 0/1 which is easily manageable. Akroan Horse is a great card for any Zedruu deck, especially one that likes soldiers. I think some of your cards cost too much to do what they do such as Akroan Horse and Akroan Jailer since they cost so much to activate each turn it limits what else you can do. YOU NEED MORE LAND. A commander deck needs a fair amount of land, especially one like this where you have a lot of mana activated abilities. I would say you need at least 36 lands, but I might recommend more like 38 even if they're just more basic land. I'm not a huge fan of Clash of Wills as a counterspell since it gives your opponent an option to get out be countered, so maybe throw in a card like Counterflux because it's an uncounterable counter spell that can counter more than one thing if necessary. A lot of your creatures: War Oracle, Stalwart Aven, Skyspear Cavalry, Elite Scaleguard are very underwhelming and could be replaced with much better cards. I don't know why you have Godo, Bandit Warlord in here if you have 0 equipment spells in the deck because he's fairly pointless otherwise. Blazing Archon and Archetype of Imagination are really expensive for what they do. I would suggest putting better creatures for that mana cost in here. Rolling Thunder and Reverse the Sands aren't very good and there are better spells you can put in there. Wear / Tear is a great card for artifact and enchantment removal and I would include it. Broken Concentration is bad because the madness cost is more than the actual cost and I would get a better counter spell. Captured by the Consulate isn't great so I might switch that out. For having a solider theme you don't have a lot of cards that produce soldiers or help the actual soldier type so I would look for more that do that, both creatures and spells. I would also recommend adding a big finisher or two because they would really help. Also I know you are trying to make the deck budget, but Enlightened Tutor and Mystical Tutor really help find things you need in a variety of situations, so I might try to add them. I hope this helps and I hope it wasn't too critical. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask.

_Delta_ on White/green Abilities deck (eldritch moon)

3 years ago

4x Lone Rider  Flip would be great in this deck.

Any number of Blessed Alliance would do well too.

Any number of Selfless Spirits will help with your flying problem as well as help your creatures survive some removal. Or Stalwart Avens as a budget option to the spirits.

I will help out more later when I have more time, but I hope this is helpful.

killerfroggy on

4 years ago

A 4-5 color deck will be tough to maneuver especially when all the fetch lands go out of rotation. I'd try and reduce this deck down to 3 colors. As far as duel lands that will help you post rotation, Canopy Vista, Prairie Stream, Lumbering Falls, and Yavimaya Coast and the new lands from SOI Fortified Village and Port Town.

Once you eliminate Stormchaser Mage you won't need the red anymore. If you are looking for cheap flyers to replace him with try Misthoof Kirin, Stalwart Aven, Eldrazi Skyspawner, or Makindi Aeronaut. There is better and bigger flyers out there, but those guys are common cards that will at least help you get started.

I take it the Ancestral Statue was in there to Combo up with Siege Rhino? The best card to work that combo would be Eldrazi Displacer you'll have to throw in a tad bit of colorless mana to make that work though. However, since Siege Rhino will be leaving rotation, perhaps a Relief Captain or Whirler Rogue. There really isn't too much like Siege Rhino that's why he was in every Abzan deck. :-) Keep at it though, I think once you reduce this to 3 colors this deck will be more effective.

NotSquishedYet on White-Blue Aggro/Control

4 years ago


-3x Arashin Cleric, -1x Cunning Breezedancer: +4x Cleric of the Forward Order

Similar, with the possibility of more lifegain. Unfortunately, the Cunning Breezedancer doesn't agree with casting spells on your opponents' turns.

-4x Celestial Flare: +4x Reflector Mage

More often than not, a Celestial Flare will hit a 3/3 and Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger still hits you. Reflector Mages give a powerful contol aspect and a good body on their own.

-4x Anticipate: +2x Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit, +2x Abzan Falconer

Anafenza generally makes your plays more powerful, with some nice synergy. Abzan Falconers are another good way to give your lands and other creatures flying.

-1x Halimar Tidecaller, -3x Stalwart Aven: +2x Treasure Cruise, +2x Wall of Resurgence

Treasure Cruise will often serve you better than Anticipate (for the very same reasons it was banned in Legacy, Vintage, and Modern) and Walls of Resurgence are good for their sheer Power/Toughness to cost ratio, and stall for the late game where this deck really shines in stacks upon stacks of little synergies and advantages.

Zacoly on

4 years ago

I would replace Stalwart Aven with either Sage's Reverie or Pacifism or you could find a place for both, because they work well together.

TheLivingCME on

4 years ago

Swilliam I think you're right. The thing I liked about Stalwart Aven was the "free" counter it gets, but the possibility to give flying to EVERYONE is really nice, plus Abzan Falconer still has outlast and a nice body. I will add it right now, thanks for the advice!

Swilliam on

4 years ago

I love this deck man, but there is still room for improvement. I think instead of dropping a singular creature with flying like Stalwart Aven, I would give my whole team flying with Abzan Falconer instead. It can even give itself flying. With all the renowned creatures in the deck, it makes this card worth it.