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Noble: The Big Deck

Noble G/U (Simic)


Introducing Noble: the Format.

It was really only a matter of time before someone was crazy enough to try and make this work.

I thought it would an absolute janky nightmare to play, but playtesting seems to suggest that it's not actually that bad. Unless you get a nightmare hand, you'll have a Battle of Wits anywhere from turn 3-5.

This deck is absolutely a one trick pony. The way it's been thrown together is to hopefully give it a way to withstand the different deck archetypes which exist. To bind it all together, there's a healthy portion of ramp to make the deck more consistent and faster, if the occasion calls for it.

Aggro: A healthy dose of Fog effects, combined with a few small bodies who come with mana ramp ( Sylvan Ranger ) or who want to die (Viridian Emissary)

Combo: The Counterspell suite is here to deal with key pieces. If you come up against combo, it may be worthwhile not chugging out BoW before you can deal with whatever they can throw at you during their turn. The free counterspells help, but there aren't enough of them. Alternatively, you can always RAMP HARDER and try to just outrace them.

Control: When you trot up with your 300 card deck, it's going to be painfully obvious what you're playing. Seeing as you're a one trick pony, you'll probably be able to ramp with impunity, as the control player will save countermagic for the inevitable BoW. Fortunately, one of the nicest things in the "Control" v. Control matchup is mana. Trying to sneak a BoW past a wall of countermagic is hard, but hopefully your own will make it stick.

The uncommons are: 4 Mana Drain because who doesn't love that?


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Gaea's Blessing just really wasn't cutting it for me. There were a lot of times it'd end up as a dead card in my hand, and with 4 Feldon's Cane s in there, it's not hard to get a reshuffle. It hardly ever drops below 200 cards anyway.

Force of Will was nice, but all too often the extra blue card didn't make it into my hand. These were switched out for Mana Drain because it can lead to seriously out of tempo play.

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