Battle of Wits

Battle of Wits


At the beginning of your upkeep, if you have 200 or more cards in your library, you win the game.

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Battle of Wits Discussion

Gidgetimer on The combo potential with this …

4 days ago

FormOverFunction: There is no way for this to work with Battle of Wits. Tokens are not cards, even if they are represented by something that looks like a card.

plakjekaas on The combo potential with this …

5 days ago

Which is basically a convoluted win-more combo piece, in the end. I'm of the opinion that Lich's Mirror is a style card you play to impress the table with, not a card to win as many games with as you can.

FormOverFunction : I'm afraid there's no way to make that work, the Tokens will stop existing any moment state based actions are checked, which means pretty much every moment between spells and abilities resolving on the stack. The moment the Mirror's trigger is done resolving and before the Battle of Wits trigger of winning the game will resolve, the Tokens will already have disappeared, way before the moment Battle of Wits can check how many cards are in your deck.

FormOverFunction on The combo potential with this …

5 days ago

If it has you shuffle all your tokens into your library, would that be a way to trigger Battle of Wits, before they disappear “afterwards?” I’m not sure how that fits into “the beginning of your upkeep.

I love the idea of giving this card more looks, though, as it’s /way/ up there on the theme-graph!

Caerwyn on theoretically worst deck

1 month ago

202 cards, a single copy of Battle of Wits as your win condition. Every single non-blue and White land that enters tapped; the rest Wastes. A way to convert the land's mana into Blue mana. Sacrifice engines to put everything on the field graveyard after you resolve Battle of Wits, and Archangel's Light to shuffle your graveyard into your library.

RambIe on Oko in cEDH settings

1 month ago

no joke, i was at one of my fav lgs's and asked for the blue commander binder Battle of Wits was in the second page.

zapyourtumor on 240 Card Modern Battle of Wits

2 months ago

I'm not sure what Yorion would do other than let you reuse Eternal Witness, let you change Detention Sphere target, or reset Jace, the Mind Sculptor starting loyalty which is already pretty low. Just because it can be your companion doesn't mean it should.

Sidenote: Maybe Idyllic Tutor to fetch Battle of Wits?

Caerwyn on None

2 months ago

Iridescent Angel was one of the first mutlicolored cards I opened in a pack. Overcosted though she was, I thought the protection from colors was awesome and often tried to jam her into decks. This was also in the days when the internet was extremely slow and there was no reminder text, so we all just took it on faith that the person teaching us the game knew what "protection" meant. They didn't, and we had protection being way more powerful than its already powerful self.

Battle of Wits. One of those cards that I pulled in a pack, said "this is awful" and then "how can I play this? The answer? A 250 card pile of junk I had from cracking packs (most of my collection) with my single copy of BoW in it. I won with it exactly once then retired the deck for good, knowing it had served its purpose.

Karona, False God. Both an interesting character an a bad card with jank potential? Hooray! This is another card that I opened in a pack and immediately fell in love with.

TriusMalarky on The Companion Mechanic was a …

5 months ago

Caerwyn to be fair, nobody ran 80 card decks until Yorion was a thing. It was either 60 or you were trying to jank Battle of Wits for fun. Lurrus is, admittedly, low restriction high value, but only for Modern, Legacy and Vintage. Pioneer and EDH are unaffected, and Standard won't see much of him.

Zirda was a problem in Legacy because the consistent infinite mana combo was too easy to assemble. In every other format, barring possibly Vintage in the future, it's a perfectly fine card.

I think, other than what's already been banned, they can fix Companion by reducing your hand size by one and it will still be relatively heavily played, although it won't be much less powerful. It would, however, calm the screeching masses.

jay... first, the $1k cards you mention are on the reserved list and are also at least a decade or two old. It'd be many, many decades before Companion becomes an actual price barrier, and if Magic's still alive at that point(every company's gotta die, MtG's just absurdly long lived) then props to Wizards.

Second, although I wasn't around during those periods(wasn't even alive during combo winter), I'm pretty sure Companion has an entirely different economic and metagame impact compared to everything you mentioned. You want exactly one in 90% of cases(Gyruda's the exception), their abilities are generic enough that they fit into a huge variety of strategies making it less likely that they force the metagame around one strategy, and the restrictions and power on most are such that, once the ones that actually are problematic are gone, the metas of all formats they reside in will be able to be plenty diverse.

Eventually, Companion will be no different than Lands, just like planeswalkers are now. You want to be competitive? You can now fit a planeswalker into any non-aggro strategy. I mean, literally, the decks that don't have walkers that fit perfectly now are just Burn and friends. Thanks WAR. In fact, I think the way they are built will result in a vast amount of increased diversity by virtue of the fact that they are good enough yet generic enough that you can run them in 4-5 different high power decks.

I think people are looking at Companion as if they are Urza or Hogaak or Oko or Uro when they're more like the Planeswalker card type mixed with Lands. Yes, they might define most formats(Vintage plays restricted Lutri, Modern with Lurrus, Legacy with something else, Pioneer with Yorion, and maybe the rest find homes in various decks in those formats), but that is something lands and removal and creature quality do. I mean, even just lands are necessary in every format.

You don't know how Companion will turn out, you can't. This is far different than anything else, and any of our comparisons will fall short. Dredge is more powerful -- but it is easier to hate on. The Eldrazi screwed up Modern for a while -- but after one or two bans they were brought down to mediocre levels. Combo Winter almost killed Magic -- back when it had a smaller playerbase, didn't have 26 years worth of casual and competitive players, didn't have people rejoining after they left because of Combo Winter or Affinity or the Splinter Twin ban, didn't have EDH or Cube(I think, the wiki page has 2008 as the earliest online reference but it could be a few years older), Arena, Pauper, hundreds of youtubers and twitch streamers, Hearthstone players flooding in from their dying game, and more.

You can't predict what will happen if Aliens land on Earth by looking at WWII, or watching Men in Black, or studying the History Channel at 3 AM. While any of them have possible answers, none have the full reality. Not to say your argument's invalid -- just to say that it can't be 100% true.

On that note, none of us can be right. All we can do is wait. I don't want to hurt any feelings, and I hope I haven't, but in this case(as in the London Mulligan case) it's not a matter of who's right. None of us can ever be proven correct, because the math is too complicated and time consuming. It would take generations to prove anything about two individual decks, let alone multiple formats with hundreds of decks and millions of possibilities.

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